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No response from local customer service

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Please see the email below - I cc'd the customer service email address but it is no longer active. I would appreciate a response.



Since you haven't responded yet, I've copied the customer service email address in the hope that someone at BestBuy is professional enough to at least respond to a customer's inquiry.  When I talked to you on June 6, after the late/failed delivery/installation of the laundry center listed below, you requested that I send photos of the existing installation, which I did, and you indicated that you would determine why the deliver team left without completing the installation and without communicating with me before they left and stated you would contact me with your findings and how I should proceed.  You also indicated that you would compensate me in some way for the late & eventually failed deliver/installation.  I still have not heard back from you despite multiple attempts to contact you directly and through other agents at BestBuy who messaged you directly.  I went ahead and rescheduled the deliver - it was completed on June 11th without incident.   At this point, I would like to know how you plan to compensate me for the mishandling of this purchase, delivery and installation.  As a long-time customer of BestBuy, I would have expected better service and support.  If I don't hear back shortly, I will escalate this issue futher.

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The laundry center was delivered today without incident - it helps tremendously to have competent delivery people.  What have you decided to do to compensate me for my lost time and frustration with the failed delivery last week?

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I'm disappointed that you have not responded.  Please provide an update on your actions.

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As requested, please see the attached photos of my current washer/dryer installation.  After arriving an hour and 45 minutes late for the 11am - 1pm delivery window (they arrived at 2:45pm) your delivery people spent about 30 seconds looking at the current washer/dryer and went back outside (to get tools, I assumed).  After a few minutes, I realized they had left without even talking to me.  5 minutes later, I received a call informing me that the installation could not be completed.   This is very unprofessional and very disappointing.  As you can see from the photos, this is not a difficult job and I could have completed it myself in less than 30 minutes, but opted for 'professional' installation.  I wasted an entire day and now have to o it all over again . . . .Please reschedule delivery for this Saturday with competent installers.

Rich Peterson

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