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No delivery!

Ordered a fridge, got 3 phone calls they were late, they were coming, and 2 minute away.  Then nothing.  Waiting all afternoon (original window was 3-5, moved to 6-615).  They guy apparently came up a hill and felt he couldn't make it all the way up and sent in photos and said he had phoned me (the last he phoned me was that he was 2 minutes away).  So nothing - all the food and kitchenware is moved and we get to wait for a phone call tomorrow to reschedule!  (Not like I have to work)


PS the gs guy confirmed that he saw that i noted the hill, road and steps in the special instructions box when i placed the order on - but several different departments seemed to have missed the special instructions note!

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Re: No delivery!

Hey there, nealch,


Thanks for reaching out, and for joining us here on the Best Buy forums. I'm sorry to hear about this experience! It's not fun when a delivery is rescheduled, especially of a major appliance such as a refrigerator! Were you able to get a new appointment set up, or is there anything I can help with? 




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Re: No delivery!

Hi.. the redelivery went well.. the crew was professional and handled the hill, steps and doorway well.

However this morning we are hearing a high pitched whine or hum from the fridge... What options do we have?

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Re: No delivery!

Hi it's also not clear that it's reaching 37f in the fridge... There is a14 day return period, could you let me know how I'd use that? How come no response?
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Re: No delivery!

Hello again, nealch,


Thanks for reaching back out to us on our forum. We answer posts in the order they are received, so we appreciate the patience you have shown while waiting for a reply. 


Getting a new appliance is a big deal, so it's understandable that you'd be concerned when your new fridge started making odd sounds, and then rising in temperature. That's not the experience we intended, so we're glad you took the time to share that with us.


I'd be happy to explore your options for a return or exchange. Using the "Private Message" feature in my signature below, please provide your full name, phone number, email and order number so we can get started.





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