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No Call No Show Delivery

Very upset right now. I placed an order online for over 1,000 dollars for a TV and installation. The delivery date was set for today, between 12pm and 6pm. Well, no delivery, no call, no email, or no text letting me know of any delays. Once 6:30 or so rolled around, I had to call and wait on hold for over 15 minutes after receiving a call back, only to be told they don't have an answer for me, other than it would need to be rescheduled. The soonest available day was 9 days away. I sat home on a Saturday, all day, with two small children that would have much rather been playing out at the park than being stuck at home so their Dad can wait around for a delivery that never showed. What a complete waste of my time. This is a very poor business practice, and really has me strongly considering taking my business elsewhere. I have bought ever imaginable appliance, tv's, p.c.'s, laptops, phones, tablets, movies, cd's... Everything from Best Buy for 20 years, but this is very disappointing. All you had to was notify me, now your company is losing a 1000 plus dollar sale.