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Need help resolving problem w/ mobile install

Hello -- just had BBY Mountain View CA store install a new stereo in my car.  Unfortunately now several things don't work: 1) the exterior door lock button doesn't work, 2) the dash now shows an airbag equipment fault, and 3) the dash now shows some sort of fault symbol regarding the synch w/ the key fob. 


Please advise how to resolve - thanks.

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Re: Need help resolving problem w/ mobile install

Thanks for taking the time to let us know how your most recent installation went!  I'm shocked to hear that the vehicle was returned to you in this fashion if it wasn't previously marked on the installation check in and check out.  These are often provided to you after the installation is complete (they're yellow in color).  If you haven't already, please return to the location where the work was performed and ask to speak with the installer or a manager on duty.  Both should be able to assist you, but the installer would need to take a look at the vehicle to see if it's not something that just needs to be plugged back in. 

When you return, please know that they'll likely need to find a time to squeeze you in, but do not hesitate to call in advance to let them know and to find out a time!  An official moderator should swing by to see if you need assistance here in the next couple of business days, but please do not wait to speak with a manager or installer to let them know!

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