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Missing Microwave, Customer Support not following through

On Tuesday, May 28, 2019 I was scheduled to have a Samsung Refridgerator and GE Microwave delivered and installed in our recently purchased home. The morning of the delivery I received a call from someone at the warehouse to notify me that the fridge was received, however the microwave did not arrive on the truck. The fridge was delivered and installed reasonably and to our liking. Later in the afternoon I received a second call from Best Buy to tell me again that the microwave did not make it and that Best Buy would be calling back to reschedule the delivery and installation of the microwave.


We let a week go by and still no call from Best Buy to reschedule delivery/installation. At this point, we thought we could go online and reschedule the delivery ourselves, however someone with Best Buy had changed the installation status of the microwave to complete and so the online system errored out and told us to call the only number for Best Buy, 1-888-237-8289.


My fiance then called in the morning, Wednesday, June 5th to talk to someone about rescheduling delivery/installation. After a lengthy conversation about the issue, the employee told my fiance that she was going to work this out and that we would receive a call back later that same day - but we did not receive that call. Thinking it might just take a while for notes to get through the system, we waited all day Thursday, and still no call. After going almost 2 days without a callback, my fiance again called the 1-888 number. This time the employee that answered told her that she was not the account holder and would not speak with her about any issues on my account. He flat out refused to help and told her I would be the only one they would speak to.


So now I call the 1-888 number. At around 10 am on Friday, June 7th I spoke with LaDonna who was unable to assist me - so she transferred me to Don, with Geek Squad. Don then tried to help me with rescheduling the delivery/installation, but he was having the same issues with the computer not allowing him to reschedule the same that we had when we tried from home - "Reschedule Unavailable  due to error, call 1-888-237-8289." Don then told me that he was going to "work on this" and he was putting in a note for the distribution center to call me to reschedule. I let the whole day go by without getting a phone call, but being leary already after the first two times I was told I would be receiving a call, I initiated a call back to Best Buy (through their only number 1-888-237-8289). I was talking to Melissa this time after 5 pm, and although she seemed like she wanted to help me - she ran into the same issues that EVERYONE else did, unable to reschedule the delivery/installation. After a while, Melissa came back to tell me that she was getting off work and that her co-worker Nate was going to call me back to "handle my issue." Well, guess what happened, Nate never called me back (the 4th time we've been told we would be receiving a call)!


Also, throughout the multiple discussions on Friday, it was made known to me that a delivery/installation had been scheduled for Saturday, June 8th between 9am - 1pm without ever discussing with my fiance or myself, you know because they never called us back. I had asked that the delivery be cancelled because nobody would be home during that time frame. So naturally, at 10:45 am on 6/8/19 I received a phone call from the delivery driver that they would be at the house in 15 minutes. I told them that nobody was going to be there and the delivery was needing to be rescheduled and it should have never been scheduled for that day. Immediately afterwards a call from Best Buy came in and I had to explain my situation all over again just for the girl to tell me I should call my store to get this resolved - great suggestion, except that we bought everything online which she would've known if she even looked at the order.


Now we roll around to Monday, June 10th. I go online to try going through the chat bot to get help and potentially have my issue elevated. I specifically asked Jhun V. to have a supervisor contact me and in the last 24 hours have not had that happpen yet. Melissa had mentioned on the phone about compensating us with a gift card from Best Buy to make up for this and I couldn't agree more at this point!


We have been without a working microwave for over 2 weeks now. Although Best Buy has repeatedly aknowledged their issues over the phone, nothing has been resolved, no accountability has been taken and NOBODY has done the things they have said they would do to help resolve this. I have trusted Best Buy with my technology for years and have spent a good amount of money there, but this is by far the worst possible customer service I have ever received from any company and this is after dealing with more than 6 employees, which makes this more than coincidence.


All I need at this point is for someone to do their job. This is a one-sided error that needs to be aknowledged and made right by Best Buy.