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Major Appliance Delivery Nightmare -No Show! No Call!



I purchased a new refrigerator from the Bradenton Florida Store on Cortez Road last week. Delivery was set for this morning  (today) Friday 11/8 between 11 and 1. I received a text from BB confirming this time. A little after 1PM I began to get worried about the delivery calling the store and customer service with no help or answers as to where my refrigerator is.


We are giving our old fridge to charity and it was supposed to be picked up later today! Finally, at about 3:30 pm after several more calls, I found out that THE BEST BUY DELIVERY DRIVER SAID HE SPOKE WITH ME AND THAT I HAD POSTPONED THE DELIVERY. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN!!!


So I asked the store manager to have them come back and deliver. "Oh no, we can't do that now it's too late". WHAT???

He offered to reschedule the delivery for a few days later and give me a $100 gift card.  How about the charity who can't pick up the fridge for another week now? How about the 2 fridges I will have in my kitchen? How about the spoiled food?


He sounded nice and concerned on the phone but said there was nothing he can do to get the fridge delivered today. How about getting your driver back in his truck and have him do what he was committed to doing? Isn't this the way good business is run?


Might I add that I am a Best Buy Elite Plus Member? You see how far that got me. I would like my fridge delivered on the day it was promised although late, and an apology from the driver who came up with the story about speaking with me and I postponed.


I think it's obvious by now how upset I am with the way I am being treated by Best Buy. I can't get over the fact that no-one in their company can get in touch with their delivery team and make this right.


I hope Best Buy Corporate reads this post since there doesn't seem to be any way to get in touch with them either.




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Re: Major Appliance Delivery Nightmare -No Show! No Call!

Hello, RichardHastings,


We appreciate you joining us on the Best Buy Forums, although I wish things with your refrigerator delivery had gone much differently. When a major appliance like that is purchased, it takes some careful planning to get things scheduled as you’d like, especially when there is an organization that is relying on your old refrigerator. Prompt delivery is something we strive to provide, and based on your description, it’s obvious this was not an example of the level of service we are capable of.


Our team is based out of our Corporate Headquarters, so you’ve come to the right place to provide your feedback. We’d be glad to see where things stand now, and if there is anything we can do to get this fully resolved. Your private message was recently received, and we’ll be replying there to gather more information about this from you.



Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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