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Is best buy smoking rocks?

I'm curious. Why is it, the price of installation and mounting of t.v.s is such an outrageous price? My elderly retired parents went to purchase a t.v. right? Could only get size 50" due to size restrictions, and because they are on a fixed income.... sooooo a 279$ T.v. has a 199.99$ Installation fee? a 3,000$ T.v. also has a 199.99 installation fee.... now, i can understand how you may want to be fair to all in that its the same process of mounting... but what degree is required to mount these t.v.s? How many hours of extensive training do the personnel go through in order to have the abilities to mount these t.v.s? Why in gods name would it cost almost the price of ANOTHER T.V., just to have one mounted??? Though I know you could careless about me because who am I your still making billions off people. However, not only will I never shop at your stores again, for anything, under any circumstances, I will also be sure to stop anybody I can from going there. You guys are a disgrace. Don't bother replying, I do not want any gift cards or anything of that nature, this is simply a rant. This store is complete and UDDER TRASH. Despicable taking advantage of elderly people like that. I'm so glad I caught them before they actually had it delivered and installed and talked him into canceling it... You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.
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Re: Is best buy smoking rocks?

Even when considering a basic $199 installation, there are a number of factors that lead to the final price.  First and foremost is the labor to complete the work, upkeep and fuel for the vehicle, upkeep/wear and tear on tools including replacements, parts and hardware used off the vans to complete the installation, as well as the insurance Geek Squad must carry to be allowed to perform the work. It's definitely less about the training (although commercial/residential construction knowledge is a must) and more about the time/materials/travel/etc used to complete the installation.  



As the work to complete a television mounting is identical regardless of the size or price of the television, the price is not reduced simply because a less expensive tv is purchased. Things like custom mounting on non-standard wall framing, anchoring to uneven surfaces such as brick or stone, and even extra services like in wall concealed power kit installation all raise the price. 


Hope this helps.   

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Re: Is best buy smoking rocks?



Welcome to our community. Like you, I too have encountered fees for services that I thought seemed out of line for the anticipated scope of work and it has put me in the position to decide whether to do the work myself or even consider whether the product in which I was interested would be suitable after all. Your parents certainly have a powerful advocate in you and I hope that I can be such for my own folks if called upon to do so. 


I won't belabor the eloquent explanation provided by jdogg836 of possible reasons for the costs of our services.


It's discouraging to hear that your parents' experience may cause to you reconsider your choice of Best Buy as a future shopping destination. It is my hope you will give us a new opportunity one day soon to renew your relationship with us.


Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback.

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