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Horrible Service and appliance experience.


I am totally displeased with the service that was given and the Washer and Dryer that I purchased a couple of weeks ago. I ordered a Samsung Washer and Dryer for my business, Being a Hair salon owner it is essential to the productivity of the flow of the salon to have towels available for the operators to use for their client. and we have a huge salon so I purchased a larger washer and dryer from Best Buy. 


First, when the appliances were delivered, the delivery guy was so focused on flirting that he was unable to connect the equipment, so we figured out a way to get it connected but when the business day started we notice that water was pouring out of the back of the washing machine and spilling all on the floor. We examine the area and noticed that it was coming out of an inaccessible area of the machine which indicated that something was wrong with the manufacturing of it. but it still worked good enough for a small load. We contacted Geek Squad immediately and had someone come out to see what's going on and they agreed that we needed a replacement. Being that the salon operation depends on having a working washer and dryer, Customer service kept saying that they will have the replacement delivered immediately, but every time we called to check the status of the delivery they continue to give us the run around with the dates. So nearly 2 weeks have passed since we have been using a broken washer, constantly wiping water up daily to avoid as much water damage to our floor as possible, On our closed day, someone from Best Buy calls my cell and says he'll be at the shop with the delivery in 15 minutes, so I rushed to the salon just for him to say that the delivery was canceled and he thought it was supposed to be delivered today. What!?! so now, what? So I called Geek Squad yet again and they tell me Delivery is Scheduled for next week, which will fall on another off day and a day that I am unavailable, so during our conversation, HE HANGS UP ON ME!.  that was the last straw, so not only have I paid a nice amount for the washer and dryer, I have had to use a broken Washer for 2 weeks, been lied to constantly about a delivery date, risk water damage inside my business and now I have been disrespected by being hung up on without cause. This has been by far the worst experience I have ever had to go through. It has caused my business to be interupted and I still have no properly working appliances yet. can someone professional please address this issue and help me to get a working washer that is worth the money I paid. or give me a full refund.      


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Re: Horrible Service and appliance experience.

Hello Desissalon,


Welcome to the Best Buy forums! I can understand how difficult it is to go without a functioning washer and dryer, especially in a hair salon environment. And I would hate to find out that there has been any water damage to your business.


I want to look into the trouble you are having and see what we can do to solve this for you. If you could send me a Private Message (PM) using the link in my signature, and provide me with your full name, phone number, and the email address, I will get started on researching this issue.



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