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Horrible Customer Service

I bought a TV from Best Buy in Rockford last Sunday, 5/26, and took it home with me. In addition, I scheduled a service to mount the TV for Sunday June 2nd. I got home around 9 pm and proceeded to set the TV up.  When I turned it on there was sound but no picture.  I called Best Buy corporate customer service line as the store was already closed and explained my situation. They informed me that there was nothing they could do and that I needed to call the store.  Again, they were closed so I called on Monday. 


I called on Monday and they told me I had to bring the TV in without physical damage in order to get a replacement. I told them I had a scheduled service to mount the TV on Sunday, can they just bring the replacement TV with them and take the broken one. (I was nervous to return the TV myself bc I threw out the box and it’s super thin). They said no because their delivery service and installation service are different companies. I told them I don’t care, I purchased a TV and the installation service through Best Buy, and you’re one company in the eyes of the consumer. You sold me a $3,500 that didn’t work, figure out how to make the delivery and installation happen. 


That didn’t work so I returned the TV to get a replacement but asked them to deliver it so if it didn’t work again they would have to come get. I gave them my receipt from the original purchase to process the replacement transaction. After 45 minutes I asked them what’s going on and they said they were having issues with completing the replacement process.  I told them I had another appointment and needed to leave, is there any chance they can call me when it gets squared away. They said no problem and called 2 hours later to say they figured it out but because this is now a new purchase I can’t keep my Sunday installation appointment but they can deliver the TV on Friday and come mount it on Tuesday.  Both time windows were from 8-12 meaning I would have to miss a half day of work.


I proceed to tell them that makes no sense, I have a Sunday appointment just use that one. They say there’s nothing they can do other than install it on Tuesday.  I then explained how I am not able to take 2 days off of work because if I don't work, I don't get paid.  They proceeded to say that Rockford scheduled the wrong installation appointment and that all of this is their fault.  I again expressed that Best Buy is one company, in my mind it shouldn't matter where the store is located.  After about a half hour of I said fine and hung up. 


I then call the corporate customer service and they again say you need to call the store. I told them I did that and now I want to talk to a manger. I get connected with an escalation person and I explain to her my situation.  After some digging she confirms that I did in fact have an appointment for Sunday. 


Fast forward to Friday.


Again, our delivery window was between 8-12 so I took the morning off thinking I would be able to make it to work by 1 at the latest.  I received a text Thursday night saying that our TV would be delivered between 9 am and 11 am.  It's 11:30 and there is no sign of the delivery people.  I call the store to ask where they are, explaining that I need to leave for work soon.  The employee tells me all they can see is that my TV is out for delivery as they use a 3rd party to for deliveries.  I find it interesting that Best Buy isn't able to keep better track of their items considering most are quite pricey. Around 2 PM my TV shows up.  The guys carry it up to my apartment and I notice they brought me the wrong TV.  I inform them this isn't the correct brand, and ask them there are any other TVs on the truck.  They tell me their might be and that they are going to go look.  As they were going down to look I asked them if they were going to take the wrong TV back to the truck and they said no because they aren't sure if they have my TV.  I tell them they should bring the TV with them when they go check because no matter what, I am not keeping the wrong TV.  My TV ends up being on the truck and with very little care for a fragile item, they unloaded the TV and brought it up to my apartment. 


Once they leave I call Best Buy to get an understanding of the complications and to inform them that due to them being late I now have to take a full unpaid day off of work and asked what could the do to remedy the situation.  Best Buy continued to blame the Rockford store for the error and proceeded to tell me there's nothing they can do to compensate.  Pretty questionable since you are a large retailer and I know places such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. do provide compensation for these types of inconveniences regardless which store is at fault.  They tell me that Best Buy doesn’t work that way and that they are not under the same umbrella as the Rockford store and the corporate customer service.  Again, that doesn't make much sense to me.

When it came to our Sunday installation appointment I was a little skeptical considering our delivery issues but on Thursday, Friday and the morning of I received texts confirming my appointment. So come Sunday (yesterday), our window was from 8-12, at 10:50 I received a text saying your appointment has been cancelled, call this number for questions. 


I call the number and the store sales associate remembers me from the replacement process and says remember we scheduled for Tuesday. I told him about my conversation with the escalation lady and our frustration with the first broken TV, our late delivery that made us miss an entire day of work wages rather than a half day and explained at this point someone needs to be out here today. He said “okay give me a couple hours and I’ll work on it”. 


A couple hours go by - he calls us back and his solution is “so because the Rockford store originally messed up, you are still scheduled for Tuesday. We’re not sure what the corporate office said but we aren’t under the same umbrella between the Rockford store and the corporate office”. I’m sorry, what?! You’re Best Buy.  I asked him how that is possible as I spoke to someone who confirmed my Sunday appointment as well as received confirmation texts.  He proceed to ask me the name of the lady who confirmed my appointment.  At this point, I had probably spoken to a half dozen Best Buy customer service reps and couldn't remember her name.  He then asks me what color her skin was, what she sounded like, etc.  I say I have no idea I spoke to her over the phone, but why does that matter.  He told me that he was asking so the employee could be reprimanded.  He was more concerned with reprimanding the employee rather than provide "excellent customer service", as it mentions in Best Buy's on hold message.  He said I was more than welcome to return the TV and get a full refund.  I almost burst out laughing because I did not think that was a serious "resolution."  To him, that idea seemed perfectly reasonable.  


So, long story long, we asked to speak to a manager at the store to see what they could do for us to give us a solution or compensation or something as this whole process proved to be more complicated and difficult than buying a house in Chicago and the store manager told us we have two options: 1. Again, Return the TV and go elsewhere for the services or 2. Keep our Tuesday appointment. 


All in all, this entire process will end up costing me the amount for the TV, the amount for installation, 2 unpaid work days, plus all the unnecessary headache and stress.  To top it all off, Best Buy will not provide any type of compensation for my missed time at work or reimbursing the installation fee.  They truly cared more about blaming the Rockford store and trying to identify the escalation lady I spoke with so she could be punished.  Absolutely brutal customer service. 


I made a purchase from Target last week and they were not able to fill part of my order so they gave me a refund and a $100 store credit.  They handled their error like champs.  They owned up to it, didn’t blame the store, and certainly didn’t question me about the race of the sales associate I worked with to reprimand him.


Unless something actually comes out of this post that was the last purchase I have made from Best Buy.  I am at the age where a lot of my friends are looking to buy houses and upgrade their electronics.  I have made all of the aware of this story and they too will not be shopping at Best Buy.

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Re: Horrible Customer Service

Hello Rathjeee13,


Thank you for sharing your experience with us on the forums!

We appreciate you sharing feedback and giving us the opportunity to learn from this experience and better our processes to avoid situations like this in the future. 


I'd be happy to address the situation with you.

Can you please send me a private message using the blue "Private Message" button to the right of my signature below?

Please provide your full name, phone number, and email address.



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