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Horrible Customer Service

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My wife ans I recently purchased a 55"Samsung TV for my son.I am not to tech savy but I know how to conduct business as I have been in the sales business for a longtime.Wednesday I called Best Buy Geek Squad support to have someone come out to hang my sons TV. We were going to then have my sons old flat screen TV put in our living rooom to replace a very old regular TV which was on the fritz.We also have a wall hung flat screen TV in our bedroom that was not workin g properly.I had bought a blue-ray disc player from Best Buy and was assured it would work fine with my TV,it does work but I am not getting the full Theater sound from the speakers.I explained everything to the Geek Squad who told me his name was John {removed per forum guidelines}.John told me he understood what I wanted done and assurred me that the Geek Squad will take care of everything.He even quoted me a price of $200.00. So we agreed on a scheduled date of 4/20/19 between 12:00 - 2:00 pm (which is today,by the way).I asked him if he was the one who was coming out to do the job.He told me he was not going to be the one,but his agent which he called Keith was going to be coming to do everything that was needed to do.I asked him if Keith had a last name,he did not know what it was.Ishould have known right then and there that this was not going to end good.Last night John {removed per forum guidelines} called me to confirm my appointment the proceeded to ask me what it was I needed done.I told him,we had discussed it the other dayand you assured me you were all set. He then told me he never spoke to me,You got to be kidding me!!! My wife was with me when I talked to him and was livid as I was over this Nonsense.He also said it would cost more money and would tale 4 or 5 hours to just hang the TV. I know for a fact it would not take 4 or 5 hours to do that. I then told him not to bother to come tomorrow (which is today). I will get someone else.This was totally Unacceptable buisness.This is not the first time I have had issues with the Goon Squad.I will never ever contact the Goon Squad again for anything. You are lucky I still do some business with Best Buy.But I will never buy another computer,laptop,or tablet from you,because of te issues I have had with the Goon Squad. The whole experience has been a nightmare dealing with them.

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Re: Horrible Customer Service

Welcome, emporerpenguin5,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us, and for joining our online community, here on the Best Buy Forums.


We expect our Agents to make clear notes and to do their best to provide clear expectations when communicating with our Clients. I'm sorry to hear that you were left feeling differently, and that this resulted in the decision to cancel your services with us. While I can understand why you made that decision, I hope that after some time has passed, you will reconsider and provide us with another opportunity to better serve you in the future.


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Re: Horrible Customer Service

I have no intentions to ever use the Goon Squad again. This is not the first time I have experienced such a lousy experience. It’s a continuous bad relationship with your service that has finally brought me to this conclusion. I have yet to find any for the job as of yet but I will eventually. I have lost complete faith in your failure as a reliable source. To truly help me. It would take a Goon Squad miracle to persuade me otherwise and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Your actions would speak louder than words. Which I don’t see any action to rectify your delinquencies. The Goon Squad should be the ones reaching out to me if they truly want my business at all,especially after this last debacle. Yet nothing. So I move on to find someone on Home Advisories and go from there. I do appreciate your response but that’s not enough for me. Sincerely,David S