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Horrible Car Stereo Installation and horrible customer service

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this email out of being a concerned customer and to express my displeasure as a loyal customer. 

To start on August 12, I purchased a after market car stereo system at Best Buy. My fiancé and I spent close to two hours with an associate. He told us everything we would need for the vehicle to have it set up properly. They set the installation up for August 25th from 11 am- 6pm. At 5 pm we got a call the vehicle was ready. My fiancé and I were so excited. Our truck was unfortunately stolen. We had to replace the stereo. So we were excited to have our vehicle have music again.

Upon pick up, the technician said “Sign here, trucks outside, here is the keys. I set up everything for a good sound.” We thought great!! That was not the case.

We got in, the speakers sounded HORRIBLE, nothing was adjusted for sound quality, AND the subwoofer was not installed. 

We walked back in and said “Where is the subwoofer? And nothing has been tuned!” The kid looked at us ignorantly and said “I don’t know!” We told him to get a manager. He then turned his back and started talking to someone else. We went back and told him he needed to immediately call a manager. He argued and said he needed to finish what he was doing. He then shut the bay doors and locked the other door treating my fiancé and I like we were the ones that were wrong and treated us like criminals. Unfortunately he was not wearing a name tag, so we can not identify this young male employee. We went and found the manager ourselves.

Come to find out, nothing they told us that we needed was correct! We spent almost $700 on equipment and waited weeks to get it installed for it to be incorrect.

Courtney the Assistant Manager told us that we would need to spend and extra $150 to get it installed correctly. This was advised by the unidentifiable male employee. This was unacceptable as this was not the way to fix the issue. This was common sense. She (Courtney)also treated us like this was our problem and we were in the wrong. Your employees were wrong. What they said we needed, we did not. We then explained to your employees what we needed and then after they did research, they realized we were correct.

After over an hour of arguing AND telling them what we needed. They found what we needed and exchanged it out for us. Then told us our truck still may not be ready today. We are hard working individuals and our time is valuable. The other technician even explained to us that the install was completely done incorrectly.

My fiancé and I work in customer service. We are both owners and manage multi million dollar assets. We were appalled at the way we were treated. 

As a credit card holder and rewards member, I have lost complete faith in Best Buy and plan to do my electronic shopping elsewhere from now on. I did not even want to make this purchase with Best Buy due to the horror stories of the installation process I’ve heard. I wanted to go to a locally trusted electronics shop named Audiotronics. My fiancé said to give Best Buy a chance. We did, and you failed. You failed to have it correct and failed in the customer service department.

Something needs to be done to make this right. We were victimized and made to feel in the wrong and like criminals. This could have easily been caught if someone would have paid attention and read the installation paperwork correctly.

This has completely ruined our Sunday and excitement. This has also caused a large amount of unnecessary mental stress. 

Looking forward to your response and resolution.

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Re: Horrible Car Stereo Installation and horrible customer service

Not sure what was paid for or what installations were scheduled for your appointment that day, but it certainly doesn't sound like things were completed to your liking.  Thankfully, we have a lifetime labor warranty on all of our workmanship, which means we'll always take a look at it to figure out what installations or steps need to be taken to get the quality of the sound on par for your vehicle.  There could be additional parts and labor needed for this to happen.

That said, there isn't much more that could be done besides returning to the installation bay that performed the work, or choose another installation bay nearby.  We'd like nothing more than to get you the quality of the sound you were hoping for and I'm crossing my fingers you're able to work with the store to get this accomplished.

Our computers are able to put in the vehicle year, make, and model, for factory conditions.  You stated the car was stolen and it sounded like there could have been other parts of the audio system that were missing which wouldn't populate into the system because it's not factory specific anymore.  With apologies, the installer would be the only one who would know the condition of the vehicle since our Blue Shirts would only be able to pull up the factory options for replacment.  If the conditions of the vehicle were different at the time of installation, then the Geek Squad Autotech should have checked this vehicle in and marked the missing components accordingly. 

A demonstration should have been provided to you, and if that wasn't the case, I do apologize for this.  At the time of the demo you'd be able to sit with the installer to know what is possible and how it could sound better, but again, this could require additional parts and labor. 

Head back to that location or another one with an installation bay, if possible, for the fastest assistance.  You're also welcome to sit tight for a moderator to swing by and help out too! If you're looking to wait, your patience is all we can ask for.  Thanks for taking the time to write with the community, here on the Best Buy forums!

I am a CAR Geek Squad Autotech, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
***Know that I am not able to issue official responses and that my posts are only here to help before an official response is offered by a Best Buy Social Media Specialist***
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Re: Horrible Car Stereo Installation and horrible customer service

Hello, lindseymc1986,


Thank you for connecting with us here on the Best Buy Forums, and we appreciate your patience as we got to your correspondence. Having the ability to listen to music in your vehicle is something we often take for granted, and I’m sure you were anxious for the installation of the new equipment to be completed. It definitely sounds like things did not go as planned, and we’d like to do all we can in effort to get this resolved.


As autotech796 mentioned above, heading back to the store where the original installation was performed, would be the best course of action. An alternate location would also be a possibility, if you would prefer. Please be sure to schedule ahead of time to avoid having to wait. You can click here, to see what appointments may be available in your area. If our team can provide support, feel free to connect with us in private message. The darker blue button next to my name below, will connect you to our team.


Kind regards,

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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