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On July 3rd I purchased a kitchen Suite from the Best Buy store.  At the time they setup a delivery for both the Refrigerator and the remaining appliances.  I was only told it had to do with the extra work that goes into the Dishwasher.  The fridge was set for that week, and the rest a week later.

The initial fridge delivery came on time however I was informed they could not complete the delivery because I had corroded water valves and a plumber would need to fix them before they could finish their delivery.  Not the greatest of news but I understood and said I would get a plumber in asap to fix this.  The delivery guy told me he would leave the fridge in the garage and that the delivery set  for next week would finish the installation along with the other appliances.


I completed the plumbing work on Monday and Thursday night I got a call from a plumbing company to confirm my appliance delivery for Friday.  I called them back confused as this was not Best Buy (and Best Buy never informed me a contractor would be delivering the other appliances only that it would be a specialized delivery.  The plumbing company informed me they would NOT be installing the Fridge as it was no longer in their contract and the information the delivery guy gave me was false.  They also informed me not to call Best Buy to reschedule the fridge installation until after they finished their install as it would wipe out the entire order and push them back weeks till they could come back out. 


Friday rolls around and the Plumbing company delivered and installed the rest of the appliances just fine.  I called Best Buy to reschedule the fridge only to be informed that they could not reschedule it until the next day because the order status of the other appliances was still open.  They also told me it would be 10 days until someone could come back out.   Because of this, I had a friend come over with a two wheeler so we could just do it ourselves.  After removing the old refrigerator and getting the new one in the kitchen, I finally unboxed it only to discover a big dent in the side of the unit.  I went to the store the next day and they processed an exchange for  the following Friday (today.)  At this point it’s been almost 2 weeks since my initial order and I’m a little irritated especially because the first delivery driver told me false information about the next guys finishing the install but can deal with it.

I received a call from Best Buy delivery to confirm the exchange for today, and they gave me a window of 4-6 (which had been typical of them with their notices to this point.)  Today rolls around, another day I had to use PTO on to account for the deliveries, and while I stepped out to get lunch I receive a message from Best Buy Delivery saying that the delivery guys had been to my house (this is at 1, not 4) and no one was there so  I needed to call 888 BEST BUY to reschedule the delivery.  This was 3 hours earlier then the time frame I gave.  I proceed to call that number only to sit on hold for 3 HOURS!!  2 Hours into it, I got a hold of someone online to somewhat help me.  As it turned out, there was little anyone online could do as it was a store purchase.  They told me I needed to call the Pacific Department.  I hung up on 888-BEST BUY at about 3 hours having still talked to no one.   I then spent about 20 minutes being looped around the store system before finally getting a Real live person who only was able to provide me with a direct line to someone who could contact the drivers.


I spend another  10 minutes after all of this before finally getting a hold of said person, only to be told that they were showing I had a delivery time of 12-2 and not 4-6.  They had no explanation as to WHY someone called me the days before to tell me 4-6, and they had no explanation as to why I was never updated with a 12-2 time frame by either a phone call or a text message as had usually been the case.  They offered me a measly 25 dollar gift card to make up for this, but informed me the driver was no longer in the area and would not be coming back today to complete the delivery in the 4-6 time frame I was told.   Had I not been put on hold and through the ring by them for 3 hours and just been given this number in the first place I MIGHT have been able to get them back out today.  He also told me I could not reschedule my delivery until tomorrow.  So here I sit nearly 3 weeks later, still WITHOUT an undamaged refrigerator and being misinformed by someone from Best Buy Delivery every step of the way.  I will NEVER purchase anything from Best Buy that requires the use of their delivery service again!  I’m sure something will go wrong again with the exchange before all this is over, whether it be another wrong service time (I won’t leave my house this time granted) or another dented appliance.  I have 0 Faith in these guys.  The store is fine, the online agents at least can be reached in a timely manner, but Delivery AND 888-BEST BUY are a total joke.  Definitely make sure to buy appliances from a retailer that can deliver and install it all together in one go and steer clear of Best Buy Delivery!!