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HAVING THE WORST ISSUES AND WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Don't call geeks dep, they can't do anything.

I have shopped so many times with other retailers, and I never had an issue like this ever.

We went to the store last Saturday and order a refrigerator. The delivery was scheduled for Tuesday and the driver came for the delivery. They said it wouldn't fit on the spot that we were going to put so my mom told them to put it in a different spot where it fits and they measured and said Ok but then they left. I called the Geek department and the representative was telling me they can't do anything about the order in transit. I was asking her to call the dispatch and get this issue solved because I called them right away once my mom told me that they left so they had enough time to call the dispatch to send the driver back. All she said was your order is in transit and we can't do anything when your order is in transit. That representative wasn't willing to help me so I ask If I could speak with a supervisor. And the supervisor answered and said the same thing. I can't do anything when your order is in transit and the supervisor was so rude to the customer. I was already upset and I said I don't care if you can't do anything about in transit order but you have to at least call the dispatch and try to send the driver back.  He was like you don't talk to me like the way you talk right now. I asked for his employee ID# so I could report him but he said I don't have to provide you my employee ID# and my name is Anthony. I hung up and called the geek dep again and another representative answered asked the same question and she called the dispatch right away and asked them if they can send the driver back but they said they can't because the driver was already at another location by the time she asked. I already spent like an hour speaking to the first representative and her supervisor who are not willing to help the customers.

I had to reschedule and I rescheduled for today The driver came today but he's missing a power cord. He had brought a defective refrigerator and now we have to reschedule. My mom had to get the work off from the job twice already and she had to take all the foods out from the old refrigerator twice but we still couldn't get the refrigerator delivered. It 's taking more than a week to get the refrigerator delivered. I had the worst customer service in my life and the fact that your customer service team can't do anything when the order is in transit is insane.

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Re: HAVING THE WORST ISSUES AND WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Don't call geeks dep, they can't do anyth...

Hello, wwh1540,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. I appreciate you reaching out to us about this. That isn't the kind of experience we want to provide to our customers. While we can't adjust orders that are in transit, we should never be rude to a customer.


Please give us a call at (800) 304-1259 to speak with our Geek Squad Client Care team. That team is set up to help out with appliance delivery issues like this, and will be your best resource to get a working fridge, as well as to discuss these customer service issues.



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