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Geek Squad remote install damages to car

I called earlier and spoke to four managers. One gave me her email to send pictures and I must have wrote it down wrong. When I called back I got routed to a voicemail, so I hope these pictures find the right person. I think her name may have been Jay? I’m unsure. Another seemed to of helped and filed a claim but waited a week and called back and found out he was transferred to another store, and had another claim filed with the last person we talked to.

I’m coming from Rockford to get my remote start installed on a my 2017 Honda HR-V. I was first there Sunday March 4th. For whatever reason the module wouldn’t work and their support line was closed for the day so they asked if I could come back, that’s fine. He showed me a dent in my center console, it’s small and I understand that they have a lot more installs happening due to Rockford being out so I shook it off and tried to not let it bother me.

Now today I brought it back and left with more damage and this time I just can not let it go. The scratch is very noticeable and it’s down to the metal. I regret not saying something while I was there and handling it then but I am not one for confrontation and I feel horrible even calling or writing an email. If I don’t get this scratched fixed it will rust and I haven’t even had this car for a year yet. If you zoom in on the picture you can see that that bright spot is the paint chipped down to the metal.
Again the guys were nice, they explained everything and I didn’t mind having to come back. I also understand that they may just be rushed from all the installs and I get that things happen, but if the two times I’ve been there my car was damaged, how many other cars is this happening to? They need to slow down and take they’re time. Something that was a Christmas present is now going to cost me money.

It’s been several weeks since we tried to get this resolved and have gotten nowhere and everytime we call they say it’s being resolved but nothing has happened. Again there is now damage to my vehicle in two places and no one seems to either care or just thinks this will just go away with time.
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Re: Geek Squad remote install damages to car

Good Afternoon Thompson27,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! I’m disappointed to hear that your new Honda HR-V was damaged during your Geek Squad Remote Install. I’d be happy to see how I may be able to help you at this time.


Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback regarding your recent installs. Best Buy strives to provide excellent customer service while doing quality work. It’s discouraging to hear that your vehicle was damaged during each visit, and very frustrating.


At this time it would be best to partner with Sedgwick directly. Sedgwick Claim Management Services is our third-party partner for these kinds of issues, and concerns as they’d be able to provide an impartial point of view plus provide support throughout the claim process. Can you please send me a private message with your claim number, and your phone number? I’d be happy to have your claim manager at Sedgwick give you call to share an update and provide expectations moving forward. You can send me a private message by choosing the option to do so next to my name at the bottom.



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Re: Geek Squad remote install damages to car

Hey Thompson27, 


I had the Compustar 2 way remote start system install for my car back in Nov 2017, and I also experience the pain you went through. The geek squad that installed the system on my vehicle broke my spare keyfob and the plastic clip holding my fuse box cover. I did not noticed the damage of the keyfob until I got home, and the plastic clip broke on a much later date when I vaccum my car. 


I am sharing my experience because I felt the same pain and fustration, and I also hate to confront peeople. I know is a minor damage done, but I am curious to know the end result of your case. Hopefully, that will encourage me to take some action when similar case happens to me again.