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Formal Complaint

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September 4, 2019



Ms. Corry Barry, CEO of Best Buy:


I am writing as a consumer, having purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro 6 recently. I bought the same laptop a week earlier from another supplier but was unable to get the email by Outlook to work, as well as transfer my Excel spreadsheets accurately after spending 12 hours attempting to activate these services. I returned the first laptop thinking it was damaged and bought a new one at Best Buy with a Total Geek Squad package for approximately $200. I related the problems I had trying to set up the new Surface, particularly with the email provider, Outlook and Excel and requested they do a complete setup with attention to the email and Excel.


I was given an appointment to return the next day with my Mac Air to arrange transfer of my data to the new Surface Pro. In addition, I was given another appointment the following day to pick up the 2 laptops with the new one fully set up including the Outlook email and Excel. I was assured that I would be contacted if they were not ready for pick-up as I did not live close by.


I returned the afternoon of the next day and was informed that indeed the laptops were not ready and when asked why I was not contacted, he apologized and I was told by the Geek Squad member, Sam, that he was busy and did not have the time.


I asked to speak with the Store Manager, Isabelle. She was very polite, apologized and gave me a discount for the inconvenience. I was told this would not happen again and given an appointment to return the next afternoon.


I returned the next afternoon and once again the laptops were not ready. The Geek Squad member said he called and left a message on my landline voicemail. I told him I did not get it and had been home all day. Upon checking, the call was placed 15 minutes before my scheduled appointment when I would have been well on the road to Best Buy.

I spoke with Joe, Geek Squad Manager, he said that they were having trouble with the transfer of data and it took longer than usual.


I returned the next day at a scheduled appointment and picked up my 2 laptops after Sam, the Geek Squad member went over some details of what had been done. He pointed out where the Outlook App was and the rest of the data was under the Geek Squad App. Since my initial complaint was regarding the Email not working, I believed his focus on the Outlook App was to show me this had been fixed.


I set them up at home and realized that the reason I brought the Surface Pro into the store in the first place, the Outlook email still wasn’t set up. In addition, the pictures had not been transferred, only one short camera roll.


I ended up calling the Everett, MA Best Buy and after being connected to Panama City and numerous other foreign locations, I reached the store I had been dealing with. I asked to speak to the store manager, Isabelle. I was told she was busy by Will, who attempted to explain the difficulty with transferring mail from a Mac to Windows and I reacted with shock! I asked why no one explained this problem to me earlier and why didn’t they inform me when I was purchasing this new laptop. Will asked me to return and they would fix the problem. I offered my telephone number for Isabelle to call me back. I never heard back from anyone in the Everett, MA Best Buy.


I then called the Geek Squad 24-hour service to see if they could activate my Outlook. After 3 hours dealing with Dan G, he told me my AOL was down and there was nothing more he could do. I then went back to my Mac to check my original email and discovered he had removed all my working emails from both laptops, and I was left with neither email working at this point. This is well documented on Geek Squad records.


Next I called AOL and after another 3 to 4 hours online, he was able to restore my AOL service through AOL on my Mac. This also is well document on AOL.


I then followed directions on Google and restored my Mac mail to service again.


I am addressing this horrible service that you offer and I actually paid for! I have put in an inordinate amount of time trying to fix the mistakes your employees created and you should be paying me for this service at this point. I can’t believe that you think this is good quality and have the nerve to advertise this an excellent back-up plan. Not only did I identify what they needed to do, that I was willing to pay for, they never even realized they didn’t do it and never followed through with checking.


The last straw for me was 2 days later, I was unable to access Google. I noticed it was very slow to load and would not go to Google. I repeatedly rebooted and finally gave up. I made the decision to return this laptop the next day.


I went to Best Buy today and spoke to both Joe, the Geek Squad Manager and Carol (?), another manager since Isabelle the Store Manager was busy for hours. They informed me that since the Geek Squad worked on my laptop (even though they removed all my emails and AOL restored it and I used Google to bring back my Mac Mail and they never connected my outlook or transferred my pictures), the fact is I would have to pay $140 because they worked on it. It didn’t matter that they didn’t complete the work, or they actually made it worse, just that they touched it! Carol, in fact said it wasn’t documented what I wanted done but I was very clear several times that I could not get the Outlook to work. Now, the icing on the cake…. initially, she was going to refund me part of the Geek Squad Membership totaling $60, when she put the refund through the register, it sent the entire amount of $180 back to Best Buy, refunding me only $20! She told me she was sorry, but she had no way to override the computer. She was Ok with refunding me only $20 because there was no way to override the computer and she couldn’t interrupt the Store Manager, Isabelle! CORPORATE THEIVERY!


During this shopping ordeal, my frustration continued to mount. I feel the need to warn friends and the public about the pitfalls that they may encounter at Best Buy/Geek Squad. I can honestly say I will never shop at this store again and will definitely spread the word about the service I received. In addition, I have followed up with Corporate and posted on as many Social Media sites as possible.




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Re: Formal Complaint



Welcome to our community. Like you, when I pay to have a service completed, I have the not unreasonable expectation that it will be completed promptly, completely, efficiently, and without complication. Certainly what you have described does not seem to fall within our goals to provide a superior experience every time and for that I most sincerely apologize. 


I'd like to look into this for you, but will need some information to begin. If you will please send me a private message that includes the following, I’ll get started:


  • Your telephone number
  • Your email address


To send me a private message, please click the button labeled "Private Message" in my signature below. 


I look forward to hearing from you.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Formal Complaint

I settled this case. They refunded my money after corporate interceded for me.