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Formal Complaint regarding incomplete delivery/install and follow-up

I would like to file a complaint about the service I’ve received. Funny thing is everyone so far has seemed attentive and helpful however it is very apparent that employees are trained well on soft skills and making the customer feel appeased however follow thru is not so important. I’ve already contacted the “geek squad escalations” area however I want official acknowledgement of a complaint being filed. Somehow I believe it’s all just for show anyways, nonetheless I still want a response.

• Washer and Dryer ordered 6/5 for delivery and install on 6/10. During the purchase process the required hookup parts for the washer sold out and was removed from my cart. No biggie I went to the local Best Buy and picked it up in time for the install.
• 6/9 - I received a call confirming my appointment and giving a shorter delivery time (12:30-2:30) from the original 6 hour time frame (12-6).
• 6/10 - around 12 I received a call advising they were running behind and my delivery would actually be 2-4, okay fine.
• 6/10 - around 6:15 I called to find out the status as they had not arrived and I had not been contacted. After waiting half an hour to speak to someone I was asked to hold while they contacted dispatch to find out the status. While on hold at 5 minutes to 7 I got a call on the other line advising the crew would be arriving minutes later, which they did.
• The crew was gracious and carried the washer & dryer up two flights to my laundry area. They hooked up the washer no problem. After attempting or at least inspecting the gentleman realized he wouldn’t be able to hook up the dryer. He advised that he didn’t have the right tool or the instructions to complete the install but that it would be no issue. He would update the order and someone would contact by phone or by email that evening to reschedule completion of the install. Okay, fine. I watched him mark up his paperwork (including that the dryer install was not complete) and I signed off. He gave me an unmarked copy. **hindsight - - At that point I should’ve taken a picture of his copy or asked him to mark up my copy the same.
• 6/11 - I called to find out when the install completion would be rescheduled (since I hadn’t received the call or email the evening before like he said I would). I was told that he completed the order in the system as if the job was done so they wouldn’t be able to reschedule. The young lady placed me on hold (after waiting to speak to someone for about 45 minutes) while she spoke with the dispatch department. After checking in on me a few times and going back and forth speaking to dispatch she advised that the supervisor of the gentleman would need to reschedule for someone to come out manually. She advised he would get in to work at 2:30 and that I should expect a phone call sometime before 4. And she gave me the direct number to the dispatch department to call back if I hadn’t heard anything. Okay.
• 6/13 - I called dispatch to find out the status of my install reschedule as I had not heard anything since last I spoke with the young lady at 1-800-bestbuy. The young lady at dispatch advised I would need to contact 1-800-bestbuy bc the order was closed and they couldn’t schedule anything without an order. I explained to her that I had done that already and that’s who gave me their number and I told her what I had been told on the last call and asked if it were possible to speak to the supervisor of the gentleman since I was told that’s who could resolve the issue. She advised I could speak to her supervisor and placed me on hold (I assume to explain the issue) and then a gentleman got on the phone. He apologized and said he could take care of it. He said he couldn’t schedule an official appointment because there was no order but he could have one of his crews come out first thing Saturday morning before the already scheduled appointments. It would be quick since the merchandise was already in place and just needed hookup. He asked if 7-8am was okay. I said it would be perfect. He placed me on hold to make sure he could do it and came back after a few minutes. He confirmed and said he would call back 6/14 (today) at 6pm to as a reminder.
• 6/14 - around 7 pm I called and asked to speak to him directly (as he said I should if there were any issues) to confirm my appointment since I hadn’t heard from him at 6. He got on the phone and told me ha hadn’t forgotten about me but that he was still working on it and it was would call back by 8. At this point I got a little concerned because he had said last night that he confirmed and would just be calling to remind me but I brushed it off and waited until 8. Then 8 came and my phone rang. No dice. The manual scheduling was rejected however he got the right number of who I would need to call because 1-800-bestbuy wouldn’t be able to help. I needed to contact “geek squad” to request a return/exchange on the install. ?????. I asked at that point who would I complain to because now it’s clear that it’s just been the runaround that I had been getting the whole time. He said I could do that thru the same area because they were technically the escalations department. He also mentioned (after I asked) that the earliest appointment would most likely be Tuesday. UNACCEPTABLE! He also said that they could probably move it sooner but there had to be an official order/appointment in the schedule.
• I called. The gentleman apologized and told me that Tuesday was the earliest. He stated that the trucks were already loaded for Saturdays appointments so they likely wouldn’t be able to have it done for Saturday. I said “trucks loaded? The merchandise is already here, someone just needs to hook it up.” He then (for appeasements sake) asked me to hold so he could contact dispatch (laughable, right) and of course came back on the line to tell me that there was no room in the schedule and Tuesday would be it. I jokingly said y’all can’t pay someone some OT to get it done, the error was on you guys’ part and every step of the way since Monday evening there’s been lies and missteps. Nope. Also, he only has the info for the call on the 10th (to find out where they were at 6pm when the appointment was 2-4). When that was actually the only person who was helpful. I now also think the “dispatch Dept” is actually a third party which includes the gentleman who delivered/installed. Now I’m asking myself where is the complaint even gonna go?

I almost had the mind to just return it and have them schedule an appointment to pick it up and order it somewhere else with better customer service. Then I remembered I got it on sale and the current price for it (at bestbuy and elsewhere) is more than I’m willing to pay just because I have to wait 3 extra days. I’m also really upset that they only send you requests to rate the products rather than the service or experience. Humph I guess they know better.