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Formal Complaint - Have not heard back from Best Buy yet!!!

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I can't even begin to tell you the horrible delivery drivers you sent to me.  What arrived was the rudest and laziest person I have ever seen.  It started the minute he walked into my home and I showed him where my new stackable washer and dryer was to go.  We had a few things laying in the corner.  He first looked at me and said all that stuff has to to...didn't I have someone in my house to move it?  After the stuff was moved, I left him in my basement to set up the washer.


He then came up stairs and said that the basement door had to be removed.  It is a sliding louvre closet door as my basement only has 2 steps and I live in a tri-level so they only had to load them through one floor through the garage and down about 2 steps.  I said ok...I didn't find out until later that he had wanted me to remove it.  Any delivery driver would know how to remove a simple door?  I am sure they run into this all of the time.


After installing the stackable washer/dryer..I came downstairs to my washer/dryer being in a corner and I could barely open the doors...I asked why would you put it there? He replied that the cord wouldn't reach where I wanted it and we could just buy an extension cord?  I said had I known that...I wouldn't have had them stack them..they just would be side to side like my old set.  He didn't seem to care and pointed out that there was a small scratch and he had already taken pictures..It wasn't as small scratch..It was all the length of the top of the washer where the dryer stacked. Someone would call me they said?  As they were attempting to put my sliding door back on..I noticed several other scratches over both units including one on the dryer door.  I pointed it out and he said the dryer was not a scratch..but was the result of the sticker.  He wanted me to get glass cleaner which I did..He cleaned it with force and preceded to make more scratches.  Then he grunted and took more pictures.  The other delivery person looked at me with disgust!  I'm sorry that I paid $2000 and expected a brand new washer/dryer?  They couldn't get the door back on and he said that is why we wanted the homeowner to take the door off..  Later when my husband came home, I found that they had totally broken the track by pulling of the door and not using a screw driver.


In addition to this..they left trash on the floor, took my extra long stainless steel hoses (that were ours), and never took off any of the stickers/tape off the units.


I called very upset and was assured that they would take care of this and it could be fixed.  It has been 48 hours and I have not heard back from anyone.  I even called the store and left a message with the sales people from pacific sales.


Worst experience ever and I won't be buying anything in the future.  I am still awaiting someone to fix this mess.  I would also like to be reimbursed for my hoses.  They had no right to take them.  I won't be paying my bill until it is resolved on my best buy charge.



Lori {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Formal Complaint - Have not heard back from Best Buy yet!!!

Also to note..I sent an email to the sales manager of pacific sales that supplied me with her card and it was undeliverable.  I had already left a phone message as well that has not been returned.





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Re: Formal Complaint - Have not heard back from Best Buy yet!!!

Hello Lori,


Thank you for reaching out to us here on the forum regarding your recent appliance purchase. We want to make these delivery and installation appointments easy and convenient for our customers, so I apologize for any frustration we caused instead.


Generally speaking, our teams are not required to disassemble any doors or obstacles that could prevent an item from fitting into a particular space. Although some of our Agents are comfortable doing so, they reserve the right to refuse performing this particular service. With that said, we should be doing our best to ensure you're all taken care of before we leave the premises.


Using the information you provided upon registering for our community, I was able to locate a record of your call to us from earlier this week and see that we should be paying you another visit this upcoming Monday, October 22, to swap out your damaged unit. You should have received a voicemail notifying you as such, but if you have any additional questions or concerns, I'd be happy to get you in touch with your case manager to ensure you're in the know on what's going on.


Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with us.

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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