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File a Complaint

I am absolutly outraged by my recent experience with your Appliance customer service and the experience with my recent order in general. Before I escalate this matter I would like to try reaching out to support staff here. Who do I email?

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Re: File a Complaint

Should I post my issue here?

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Re: File a Complaint

Welcome, mspace00,


Thank you for joining our community forum and writing to us about your order. We work hard to make appliance orders as quick and easy as possible and I'm sorry to hear that this hasn't been your experience so far. We would be happy to see how we can best assist you. Can you please provide some more information about what has been going on? Best Buy does not typically provide customer service via email so please feel free to respond here or by sending me a private message. You can do so by clicking the button at the bottom of my post.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: File a Complaint

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Well since I don't seem to be getting a response via PM, I guess I will post my issue here:


On June 1st my wife and I visited Best Buy to look at new appliances. We settled on some fabulous items, went home to think about it, and finally ordered the items online at on our Best Buy Visa card. The items all said they could be delivered June 5th. Order # {removed per forum guidelines}


On June 2nd I logged in to schedule the delivery appointment and selected June 7th from 4-8pm and received a message that the Best Buy system was having an issue and to try again later. I waited until the afternoon to try again and received the same message. I then called Best Buy support, only to be on hold for nearly 30 minutes before I was told I would have to speak to an entirely different department (still geek squad) and I was transferred. Upon connection I was told my wait would be over 90 minutes!


On June 3rd I called again and after a shorted hold time was able to talk to someone regarding my order. I asked to schedule a delivery and was told my preferred time was not available because “the appliances would not be ready yet”. I asked how this was possible as I could have scheduled the day before for as early as Thursday, and was simply told again “the appliances would not be ready yet”. So I said fine (which I wasn’t) and accepted a delivery appointment for June 8th between 12-4pm.


Fast forward to June 6th and I have gotten 2 calls to reschedule my delivery. I log on to Best Buy to confirm nothing has changed and notice a new $75.50 charge on my account for delivery. I also note that my delivery appointment is still scheduled for June 8th from 12-4PM. I called customer service to speak with them about the charge and there was another 90 minute wait time. This time I selected a call back option. I never received a call.


This morning, June 7th, I called the appliance department to get the charge corrected and was told the charges were correct and that there was no charge for delivery. I was told the charges for deliver were not on the “extend to customer” charges (whatever that means) and I was not charged. The rep the proceeded to tell me the prices which included the wrong charge. Only after having her add up the appliances prices did she finally understand I was mischarged and she credited the account. However she came back with bad news…


Apparently the Samsung range I ordered would not be ready on the 8th as promised. I begrudgingly accepted a July 14th delivery date. The agent continued to have issues booking the item and had to call the warehouse. When she was back on the line from the call, she informed me this was a special order item and would not be delivered for 4-6weeks. She acknowledged that it did not say special order on the website and she wished it had. She did not offer any recource other than to wait. I asked politely to speak to am manager as this is false advertising at the best and bait and switch at the worst.


After a brief hold I was connected to Lizette, whom I could barely understand at first, and she proceeded to repeat that this was a special order item etc. I stopped her and explained, rather annoyed at this point, that it did not say so on the website and I was promised delivery on June 8th. She said “I have ordered the item and just have to wait”. I asked what she could do to make this right. She said nothing. I told her she was being rude and unconcerned about the situation and was making matters worse. She explained there was nothing she could do again. I asked to speak to her boss and she replied she didn’t have one! I said ”you don’t have a boss?” to which she replied “he doesn’t take calls”.


I have never been treated so horribly by a supervisor in customer service, ever. This agent has no business taking calls or supervising a team. Her attitude is off putting, she expresses no empathy for the situation, and generally does not care about the customer or their experience.


So now I am left with this horrible experience with a customer service supervisor and I still will not see my order until July! I have worked in retail sales and customer service. It would not have taken much to make this right with the customer. Not from Best Buy’s perspective at least. She could have at the very least offered to see if there was another appliance that would meet my needs that was not special order. I, the customer, just purchased over $3000 worth of appliances. I am an Elite member (Elite Plus after this order) and I am a purchasing decision maker for a major city entity (I can give you my new Tax-Exempt quick card if you would like). I was treated like Best Buy doesn’t even care about me.


I called Home Depot and they have the exact model in stock and can have it delivered Wednesday, not July. So here I am deciding if I should cancel this order and take it to your competitor or not. What is Best Buy willing to do to make this issue right?