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Extremely late delivery

Good afternoon,

I am writing this message to express my frustration with my recent order.

On June 16 I bought a washer and a dryer since mine broke the day before. They were supposed to be delivered on June 26 between 8 to 12pm. At 10:05 I received an email saying that someone was on the way and a few minutes later I received another message saying that the dryer was missing and that the delivery had to be postponed without any information on when it would be postponed (what?). Few hours later, I still hadn't have any update, I called the custumer services in the afternoon and the person I got on the phone wasn't able to give me any information on where my washer was and when I was supposed to receive them. So I called the next day (June 27). I got someone who told me he was looking for the problem and after 5 minutes I was hanged up. I called back and someone else told me that she filled up a document with my problem to give it to the appropriate service and that I should get an update within 48hours. Of course, no one called me back 48 hours later. The delivery was already 3 days late, no one called me to tell me what was going on and worse, no one never answered me back! On July 1st I called again and someone was finally able to reschedule my appointment and since I left for vacation the day before I got my washer and my dryer on July 14th!

As I was leaving for vacation I needed clean clothes and was really hoping to receive my set on June 26th as announced. Instead I had to wash my clothes to some friends', which was really embarassing. 

I hope that someone will read this message and that I will be compensated for the inconvenience and stress caused by the late delivery and the lack of help and information.

Thank you.