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Dishwasher installation - Hard Wired vs Plug

Purchased a new diswasher last week and scheduled install for 4/20/19 all via the internet.


Installers called to let me know they were on the way and I was suprised that they arrived early.


Once my old dishwasher was pulled the main installer called me over stating he had an old unit was hard wired vs plugged in. Was told that he COULD not install my new dishwasher unless there was a plug. Was told that it was not up to code, or soon to be not up to code, to hard wire a dishwasher in. When I was trying to clarify what he was saying, I asked that that meant he could not install my unit. He said that he could NOT hardwire my new dishwasher...however, for an extra $160 (to be paid to him) he would install a plug so that the dishwasher could be installed. I reluctantly said go ahead...did not want to schedule someone else to come in a install a plug.


Installation, along with new plug, took only 30 minutes. (Assume he installed a plug...did not see)


Once done, he ran me through how to use. Told him that I was glad that I now had an up to code plug for any future needs. He quickly stated that it would SOON be code to have a plug.


That statement, SOON, caught my attention...once he left I looked up on-line code for dishwasher installation. NO where did I see that it was now or soon to be code. In fact, I found that a dishwasher could be installed either hard-wired or plugged in. At NO time did he turn off my electricity to see if the wire for my dishwasher (that I assumed he wired with a plug) was a power line for only my dishwasher.


Looking on the Best Buy site for diswasher appliance install did see that there would be POTENTIAL additional charges if the current dishwasher is hardwired, IF installation of a power outlet was required by code.


If he did install a plug on the wire from my old unit...he certainly was capable to hardwire my new dishwasher.


Was given a receipt for the $160, but there is no info on the receipt. He left only the user guide for the unit, no installation information.


I wanted my dishwasher installled...totally feel that the installer took advantage of me and led me to believe that I had to have a plug for him to finish the job.


Do need a Best Buy customer service agent to call, discuss and make right.


Thank you.





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Re: Dishwasher installation - Hard Wired vs Plug

[ Edited ]

Monday, 4/22

Spent over 1.5 hours on the phone with Best Buy - Monday, 4/22. They had to forward me multiple times...I think the fourth person was actually able to help. She was wonderful. Took my information then called (not sure who) to discuss. The first person put us on hold while he contacted XPO to look for updates on the job delivery notes. We were on hold at least 20minutes. She then called back and talked to a second person who also us on hold to see what he could find out. The second person actually checked in with us a couple of times but then we think we got disconnected.

In the meantime I rcvd a call on my cell phone from and unknown caller which I let go to voice mail. The BB agent thought it might be one of the other agents calling me back. We listened to the voice mail together.

This is Will from Geek Squad Appliance Care calling Linda {removed per forum guidelines}.

Linda, just talked with XPO. They gave me an update and you will be reached out to by the end of business day by XPO to provide you assistance with those charges and help you understand what is going on. Sounds like agree that you shouldn’t not have been charged there.

Hope you have a great day.

Based on this we both thought we had resolution to my issue. The BB agent asked that I give XPO 24 hours to contact me and if I did't hear back to call Best Buy again (1-888-237-8289). She proceded to give may both a confirmation# and a case #


Wednesday, 4/24

Have yet to hear from XPO. Checked my bank and see NO refund so I call Best Buy. Called the number provided above only to be told I need to call 1-800-433-5788. I get another agent and provide her with my case#, she sends me to another agent. This last agent did not care I had a case#. He told me all that he could do was to send XPO an email to contact me about the issue. NOW WHAT! Does Best Buy not care that an installer totally took advantage of a customer. Have to assume, the same installer has done this multiple times and will continue.

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Re: Dishwasher installation - Hard Wired vs Plug

Hello Linda,


Thank you for sharing your experience with us. 



I would be happy to look into this issue for you and see if we can work towards a resolution. Can you please send me a private message, using the link in my signature below, and provide me with your full name, phone number, and email address? This will allow me to verify your order and begin the process of seeking your reimbursement.





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Re: Dishwasher installation - Hard Wired vs Plug

I'm not sure your asking the right questions here.... or at least I didnt see it in the post. Wiring a plug on a dishwasher takes 5 mins. If your old dishwasher was hard wired, there would be no outlet in the wall to plug a plug into. Did they wire a new outlet under the counter? Was it the correct kind of outlet? Was the installer even qualified to install an outlet? (Usually requires a licence electrician).