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Dishwasher Installation - Do not use their contractor XPO Installs - Hire one you know and trust

Back on August 1, 2018, XPO Installs delivered and installed a dishwasher for us. A few days later the dishwasher alerted us with a Leak Check Error. The next day we had water seeping up from our subfloor through the cracks in our laminate floor. We called the Geek Squad (since we purchased the protection plan) and they sent two people who fixed it on August 10th. The problem was the inlet valve on the back was not screwed on right. I asked was “Is this an installation error?” and the main said “Yes”. I showed the woman the damage to the floor and she could see where parts of the floor were bubbling up and separating. The man was standing in front of the dishwasher and he said he could feel how it wasn’t even. The man also mentioned I would be surprised how often this occurs with the dishwasher installations.


Filed a claim with Sedgwick Insurance on August 10th. On August 23rd, the same two installers from XPO Installs came to the house to inspect the damage. They asked what happened and I reiterated to them what I told their boss on August 20th. I explained to them about the leak check error, how the water was seeping up from under the laminate floor, minor water on the basement wall, how there was water under the dishwasher when Best Buy removed it, what Best Buy discovered with the valve not being screwed on right, how Best Buy fixed the problem and said it was an installation error. Installer #1 said there is no way they did not screw the valve on right. I told them that we are concerned with the subfloor and if any damage was done to it since the water was between the laminate floor and subfloor. I also told them that the floor is approximately 12 years old, the product is no longer made and a whole new floor would need to be replaced.


Installer #1 asked who from their company did the installation. I told him you both did the install. They did not remember coming here to do it. They asked who from their company came to fix the problem. I told them again it was the Geek Squad who fixed it. Their comment was Best Buy should have called them to come out and fix it.


They denied the claim saying since Best Buy came out to fix the problem and were the last people to touch it, they own it.


We tried for months to get in touch with the rep provided with Sedgwick to discuss this. NO PHONE CALLS OR E-MAILS were being returned.


On April 23rd, I filed a complaint on Sedgwick's website via their chat section requesting a Supervisor to call me. Within 25 minutes, the person we had been trying to get in touch with for months finally replied to an e-mail. 

She mentioned that in reviewing the claim she saw that XPO installs was handling this and asked if they are no longer handling this matter. My response: “This is why we have been trying to speak with you." I also provided her what the plumbers/XPO install said. On this day it was finally being assigned to a claim examiner.

On April 25th, the claim examiner left a message on our home phone. On April 26th, April 30th and today May 1st, I left voicemail messages for this person to call me since I had questions and concerns. I also followed up each voicemial with an e-mail.And guess what? NO RETURN PHONE CALLS. I am in the process of sending her very detailed information of the installation process, pictures of the damage, call logs and e-mails that had never been returned.


It has been 9 months since the dishwasher was installed and we have not seen any financial restitution for the expenses in installing a new kitchen floor. In reviewing the forums and searching on XPO Installs and Sedgwick, it is unbelievable the number of complaints for these two companies. I hope Best Buy realizes this is also a reflection on them in who they do business with.


My advice to all is to hire a plumber that you know and trust to install the dishwasher. Do not have XPO Installs do it.

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Re: Dishwasher Installation - Do not use their contractor XPO Installs - Hire one you know and trust

Greetings, janpluto,

Thanks for writing to Best Buy.


I'm sorry that your damage claim has been taking longer than you would like. It makes sense that you would like to know what next steps might be available to you, so that you know how to move forward. I would like to see if I can help get you in touch with Sedgwick to get a status update on your claim. If this is something that you would be interested in, please send me a Private Message with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Related Order Number
  • Sedgwick Claim ID

You can find a link to send a Private Message in my signature. If your name does not appear on the card that was use to place the order, please have the original purchaser connect with us for assistance.




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