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Dishwasher Install, water damage, actively leaking.


I purchased a dishwasher and had it installed by you guys about 3 weeks ago.


This morning, I noticed several gallons on water on the floor beneath it.  It isn't running now, but water is still leaking from it.  I previously had not had leaks in the kitchen.    I need to know what auction steps I can take to stop the leak (can I call my own plumber) and how I file a claim with him best buy for the damage.



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Re: Dishwasher Install, water damage, actively leaking.

Greetings JohnO’Connor-


Discovering water of any magnitude leaking from your appliance would be shocking to say the least!  You bet I’m wanting to get to the bottom of this!  Thanks for registering with the Best Buy forums to bring this to our attention!


Using the email that was provided at the time of registration, I was excited to see you had a chance to work with your Case Manager, and the 3rd party installation team who performed the original work.  I’m grateful to see it appears everything has been resolved, and should you need any further help with anything else know you’re always welcome to write back to us now that you’ve joined the community!



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