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Disappointed/Frustrated with Best Buy's Customer Svc regarding Washer Installation disaster

 On December 28th 2018, Best Buy sent their delivery/installation company XPO Logistics to deliver & install a washer/dryer at our home.  The  installers left with the pipes plugged half way. We experienced water damage to our entire house. The first installer claimed that he could not install the washing machine but left the hose unscrewed so it started leaking after he left. Within minutes of their leaving, there was flooding from the laundry room to the carpet area outside and it was dripping from there to our hallway downstairs and water had traversed all the way to the garage as well. We had to call emergency plumbing to shut off the water supply and get things under control.  In the meantime, all of the sheetrock became soaking wet and we lost electricity as well. .We worked with the claims administrators at Sedgewick Claims Management Services to get reimbursement from XPO Logistics for the damages. They demanded resolution from XPO but XPO did not respond. After months of emails and calls, they finally responded asking us to provide 2 estimates and promised that they would take care of the claim. Although we provided XPO Logistics with  2 estimates for fixing the damages, per their requests, they now refuse to pay the damages. We also provided them with pictures and videos of the flooding they caused in our laundry room and the leaks to our downstairs hallway and garage they have now gone silent on us. We also have been working with Sedgewick Claims Services who have also been unsuccessful in helping us with getting our reimbursement. The incident happened in December 2018  and it is now August 2019 and this matter is still unresolved. Now, we are not able to reach anyone at Sedgewick Claims Management Services either. Although they promised to take care of this problem -they are not returning my calls or emails either. Last week, they promised to take care of the problem if XPO did not respond by 8/20. Today is 8/27 and there has been no progress on this matter. Really frustrated and angry. 

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Re: Disappointed/Frustrated with Best Buy's Customer Svc regarding Washer Installation disaster

Hello, jayyar,


Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Best Buy Forums, although this is not the type of circumstance we’d want any of our customers to find themselves in. Water can definitely cause quite a bit of damage rather quickly, and I am sorry to learn about the events that took place in your home. I can certainly understand looking for some support, as well as an update on your existing claim. These types of claims can often take some time, but we’d be happy to see about pointing you in the right direction for the most accurate answers.


Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc., is the insurance company that underwrites Best Buy claims for property damage and personal injury, which it sounds like you’re familiar with. The representatives there will be in the best position to provide additional information regarding your claim.


If you have further questions that we may be able to assist with, or if we can help by providing contact information for Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc., please let us know. Our team will also be available in private message, which can easily be accessed by selecting the darker blue box next to my name below.


Kind regards,

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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