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Dented Gas Stove

I had a GE gas stove delivered and installed but the plumbing company that delivered it told me that the side of the stove was dented and showed me the dent before they installed it. They took photos and notified Best Buy. Best Buy contacted me later that day through email and scheduled a date for an exchange of the stove.


Instead of having to spend half the day waiting for a new stove to arrive, I've called all the customer service numbers and spoke to the manager of the store's appliance department to seek a 20% refund to my credit card to  keep the stove as it was delivered. A customer service rep attempted to contact the district manager and store manager but couldn't get in touch with either. 


For an exchange, Best Buy will need to have a licensed plumber take away the damaged stove and reinstall a new stove. It is in both my and Best Buy's best interests to try and work with the existing stove as an exchange will cost Best Buy more than $100 in expenses and is an inconvenience to me, the customer. The customer service reps have offered me a gift card to keep the stove but that's not what I'm seeking.


If someone at Best Buy can contact me, I would appreciate it as I've exhausted most of my options and have spent much time trying to resolve this issue.



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Re: Dented Gas Stove

That sounds reasonable however it may be a bad practice for a company so do that.


I mean there are people out there that would dent their appliace on purpose.  


You should have told the plumbing company to take it away on the spot. 

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