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Delivery tries to give me used machine instead of new one

Someone at Best Buy delivery attempts fraud, customer support doesn’t care.

Last Tuesday was the second attempt* by Best Buy to deliver our Brand New Dishwasher.
Except it wasn’t. Wasn’t brand new. We got, instead, a used unit: stains on the face, dings in the metal, water line clogged, and missing hardware. Even the Install Kit, a separate SKU, was only half there, missing the water line.

When I called corporate to complain, they insisted that it was a new unit: they had pictures of it, including the serial number, on the warehouse dock, with the box and manuals included. Mine had no box, no manuals.

Somewhere along the line, someone had taken my unit and switched it out for an old one.

We eventually (yes, waiting for another delivery, in addition to two visits to the store) got our new unit, but Customer Service wants to treat the problem as simply a “mis-delivery,” and give us a $25 certificate for each miss. We didn’t accept.

Apparently, they think the only problem is that we noticed and wasted our time fixing it. The real problem is, of course, that they tried to rip-off their customer. It was only after I specifically pointed out that this was fraud, that they said they would “send a message to delivery” to have it looked in to.

Spending such a piddling amount to paper over the situation won’t prevent it. I do not look forward to hearing from my friends and others how they have been ripped off.


(The service we received at the Best Buy store was very good: the people there were informative, helpful and did all they could to get me the right dishwasher.)


* The first attempt was bad enough: they changed the delivery time without notifying us, then didn’t get the unit on the truck even. And never notified us the entire day that it wouldn’t be delivered.


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Re: Delivery tries to give me used machine instead of new one

Hello, McDruid,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums! Thanks for taking time out of your day to share your experience with us.

Like you, we expect our associates and vendor partners to make sure that the correct items are being delivered and installed, and to arrive in the appropriate condition. I apologize that this wasn't the case for you, and for the unexpected changes in your delivery time. I'm glad to hear that the correct unit was eventually delivered.

In the event that there is something specific that you are currently seeking from Best Buy, or if you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to send me a Private Message with the details, as well as your full name, email address, and phone number. You can find a link to send a Private Message in my signature.




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