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Delivery nightmare!

Yesterday 11/12/2018 I posted my complaint about delivery of a refrigerator that took 4 visits and an incredible story of lack of ethics from the part of the delivery crew.


The post does not appear, what happened?

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Delivery Nightmare!!

I am complaining about a refrigerator delivery that took 4 attempts and had a very bizarre conclusion.
On 10/23 I ordered a Whirlpool 33" wide refrigerator to replace a GE 36" that just failed after only 8 years
On 10/29 the delivery crew arrived only to discover that the refrigerator is damage.  Have to wait for another.
On 11/1 there was delivery but they decided that it is difficult to take it upstairs and a crew of 4 men is needed.
On 11/7 there is another delivery but upon arrival they discovered that they are only 3 men and need 4.
On 11/9 the full crew of 4 shows up and after looking at the stairs they decide that they can not do it, arguing some strange company policy that forbids them carrying the refrigerator at shoulder level (I never had this problem with multiple deliveries in the past).
So now, after 4 delivery attempts, they were ready to leave. My tenant in desperation tells them to leave it unpacked in the garage.
Then they discovered that this new unit is 33", smaller than the old one, and decide to take it upstairs and install it.  My tenant tipped them $10 each.
Then they said that the old unit will not be removed and left it outside the kitchen.  When they were leaving, my tenant in desperation showed them $300 and it took no time for them to grab the money and haul away the refrigerator.
The problem is resolved and my tenant has a refrigerator. He is billing me for the $300 but it is only ethical from BB to refund me or the tenant that money.  It is not right for these delivery companies to use scare tactics like these to squeeze extra money on delivery.
Please BB Customer service help on getting this resolved.
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Re: Delivery nightmare!

Welcome to the Best Buy forums lucabb-


I could certainly understand your frustrations with your recent delivery experience, and I’m grateful you took the time to write to us for help!  Best Buy utilizes our Geek Squad, but also 3rd party contractors, to fulfill many of our services.  It would be my pleasure to better assist you with this concern!

For me to get started I’m going to need some additional information.  Please click the blue button in my signature line below to send me your full name, phone number, email address, and any order number you have readily available.


Realizing I cannot erase the past, I’m hoping to read the notes on our order to know which team to reach out to.  I’ll keep an eye on my inbox for your reply!


JJ|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Delivery nightmare!

Thank you very much for your quick resolution of my issue. I do appreciate it.
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Re: Delivery nightmare!

Hello lucabb,


No problem! Please know that if anything else comes up in the future that we’ll be more than happy to do what we can to assist.


Have a great one!

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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