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Delivery and installation nightmare

Good afternoon, 


Im not sure how to properly voice my concern and complain, i was told by your customer service team supervisor Lynn that this was the best way to complain. 


Fiorst issue : 


I bought a washer and dryer about a week ago, I was told that my delivery and installation was yesterday 08/27. 

The driver/instalation crew arrived and removed my old unit and brought up my new washer and dryer to the desired room (laundry room) as they were ready to preform the install, the driver noticed that the stacking kit that was handed to me did not have screws, he immediatly called the customer service department and then informed me that there was nothing they could do, they had no stacking kit with them and could not come back or go get a stacking kit. The driver then handed me the phone and had me speak with the customer service representative that informed me the same thing, nothing they could do but reschedule, I bought the stacking kit at my local Best Buy, so I was told to go back to Best buy and return the stacking kit without the bolts/screws and ask for one that was complete. I called my local Best Buy and was told nobody in the area had a stacking kit. I was very upset and did not want to wait a week for someone to arrive with the stacking kit, so I made 1 call to Lowes and they had about 20 of the same kits in stock. I purchased the kit and went to best buy and return the kit and recieved my refund, obviously this was extremly upsetting, but this unfortunatly was just the begining.


Second issue: 


I rescheduled my installation for the next day from 7am - 1pm with the customer service rep, I then called again to confirm that i would need to have the stacking kit and not that the drivers where briging one with them, I was correct in my questioning and that why I had to go to my local Lowes to purchase one, because i didnt want to rescdule until one can arrive with the driver for the installation. So I said this was ok, I then got a change in my delivery/installation time for 8:30am -10:30am I was ok with the change since it only should take maybe an hour tops to install the washer and dryer unit since the moving process was already done yesterday. I was home all morning today and heard nothing until 10:10 when my wife called me to inform me that the drivers where "on there way" I let my wife know to inform them that i had stepped out of the house to grab something to eat and that i would be right back. I then got a call from Devin (im assuming dispatch*) to tell me the same thing that the driver was there and to call them back at 888-237-8289, I called that number and was given a wait time of 15 min so I called the number who called me 410-540-8058 amd spoke with Devin.I let him know that I was only 5 minutes away and that I would be right there and to inform his drivers, he said no problem they will be there till 10:30am, I then pulled into my neighboorhood and saw a white truck driving I honked and waived and they ignored me and drove away the time was 10:28am I immeditaly called back and nobody picked up I called the dispatch again (Devin) the time was 10:30am then again  at 10:31am and then again at 10:32am, at this point I knew they simply where ignoring my calls, I called the customer service number and asked why the driver did not wait, i was told that the drivers are only giving 15 minutes to wait for customers once they arrive. According to Lynn (supervisor at the customer service department) the drivers arrived @ 10:15am and left at 10:30am, this was a lie because I have evidence from my phone records that I was at my home at 10:28am. I was given no other option but to reschedule, the drivers could not come back the same day or the next day. I had to reschedule for friday 2 days from now to have someone come back out and do this all over again. I asked Lynn if there was any way i could voice my complain and was told to just go to the website and under corporate to voice my complaint. This is obvioulsy extremly frustrating as I now have a extremly heavy dryer in the middle of my hall way blocking access to my 2 year olds room. I want to escalate this complain all the way to the regional or national level, im very upset and expremly unhappy with the service and errors created from the staff at the store and also the delivery drivers and dispatch. I have opened a 4 thousand dollar credit line and was going to become an active customer to continue to purcahse more from bestbuy, Now I will most likely never come back and will infact inform everyone I know to stear away  from your company unless soemthing is done to complinsate the heaches and time that has been indured, I expect someone to contact me within the week. 


Unappy to say the least. 

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Re: Delivery and installation nightmare

Hello, YenyDelgado,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums. This is a great place to come and learn about new technology, engage with other customers, and seek support from our moderators. Based on what you’ve described, it certainly does not sound like things have gone as planned, and easily could have been avoided by having a complete stacking kit delivered on the first attempt. I wish things had gone much differently from the beginning, and it stands to reason you’d be looking for a more immediate resolution.


I’m glad to hear Lynn shared this platform with you, as we always want to do what we can to get concerns addressed. In this case, our Geek Squad Client Care team, will have the proper tools to most efficiently assist with your requests. Please connect with them at (800) 304-1259. This dedicated line is available seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Central. If you have questions about anything else, you’re always invited to work with us here.


Kind regards,

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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