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Delivery Date Bait and Switch

This week on Tuesday (Nov. 13), we went to our local Best Buy store to purchase a refrigerator/freezer since our current one is no longer maintaining low enough temperatures.  Our ultimate goal was to have deilvery as soon as possible since we were losing food and have family coming to visit this weekend for Thanksgiving.  We chose Best Buy out of loyalty (we most recently purchased our washer and dryer from them) and because it appeared they woudl deliver the soonest. 


On Tuesday we were promised and scheduled delivery yesterday, Thursday Nov. 15, from 12-6 pm.  We completed the puirchase and scheduled delivery.  I then received at least 5 texts and emails confirming that delivery was scheduled for 11/15 and noting it was going to arrrive between 2:30-4:30.  I then rearranged my work schedule to ensure that I would be home during that window.


On the delivery day (yesterday), at 2:00 we received a call saying that the delivery truck "was behind schedule" and thus we would not get our delivery until Monday, November 19, despite the fact the original window for delivery did not end for another 4 hours.  Numerous calls to Customer Service and the store have gone nowhere.  We are asking for delivery today or tomorrow since we have family coming on Sarturday and we will not have a refrigerator.  All we've gotten from CS and the store are vague assurances to "look into it" and that the 3rd part delivery company has made its decision and it is likely that nothing can be done.  Sure enough, their promises to call today have been also been broken.


We understand that unexpected events occur, but it is ridiculous that our delivery wasn't moved to the next day, as opposed to 4 days later.  We are now at the mercy of this unnamed delivery company since cancelling the order will mean we will not have a refrigerator for Thanksgiving.  Not only is this delivery date bait and switch a breach of the purchase contract, but it also a disgraceful customer experience.  I now have to take off from work on Monday in the hope that they will actually deliver the product 4 days after the promised date.  We apparently have no choice but to wait for the product to arrive, but after it does, I doubt my family will ever shop at Best Buy again.  I feel as if we were misled to make the purchase. Unfortunately for Best Buy, it is allowing it subcontractors to destroy its reputation with its own customers.

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Re: Delivery Date Bait and Switch

Hello there CJB16BB!


I can understand why you would be distraught about your delivery being rescheduled and how stressful it must be about getting a workable refrigerator for Thanksgiving. I had a non-working refrigerator and can appreciate the pressure of trying to get a new one into your house as soon as possible for yourself and your family. 


I would like to see what we can do about your situation, but I would need some more information about your order. Can you please send me a Private Message with your full name, phone number, and email address so I can looking more into your circumstances to find a resolution for you without the public getting your private information? You may send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue "Private Message" button included in my signature below.


Thank you for the post!

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