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Damage Caused by Best Buy Installer

We purchased 4 appliances from Best Buy on 9/21. It was very easy to make the appointment for delivery and installation of the fridge. It was very difficult to make the appointment for the installation of the other three appliances. It required multiple phone calls. The installation for the range, microwave, and dishwasher were done on 10/14


Ultimately, the dishwasher installation was not done correctly and a resulting leak caused thousands of dollars in water damage, and ruined a kitchen cabinet that cannot be replaced by itself. Additionally, the water damaged part of the basement. Your insurance company denied our claim without going through the entire process (i.e. before even receiving estimates, without sending an adjuster to see the damage). They are taking the word of the installer over the word of a customer. We are filing an appeal. 


We are extremely disappointed that Best Buy and their installer caused both physical damage to our home and stress and time loss to a loyal customer. We have purchased all new appliances (these four plus a washer/dryer) and a laptop computer from Best Buy in the last 3 years. This incident has resulted in losing multiple days of work time, damage that costs more to fix than the cost of the four appliances together, and undue stress on our household.

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Re: Damage Caused by Best Buy Installer

Hello, FDurand,


Thanks for joining the Best Buy Community forums. I appreciate you reaching out. Having damage to your home can be very stressful, and I'm sorry to hear this happened.


The folks over at Sedgwick Claims Management, Inc. help us by handling damage claims like this. Is your claim with them? If so, I encourage you to continue working with them at (855) 832-1338. They are best positioned to give you updates on your appeal.


If your claim is not through them, please let me know.



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Damage Caused by Best Buy Installer

Yes, exactly. They are the ones denying this claim. I have received no response to my appeal. Honestly, I shouldn't have had to appeal in the first place. There was no issue before the installation. An issue right after the installation. Once the issue was fixed, there are no more problems. So my plumbing did not fail. It was an installer error. The insurance adjuster seems to think it was all a coincidence.


This has been disappointing and frustrating all around. 


At this point, I would absolutely NOT recommend Best Buy and will take my business somewhere they stand behind their work.

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Re: Damage Caused by Best Buy Installer

Hello, FDurand,


Thank you for clarifying things. Water damage can be a real problem, and I am sorry to hear that is something you’ve experienced in your home. Making an appliance purchase should be an exciting time, and I wish things had gone differently with your order.


Although I understand you’ve been working through the claim process, and are currently appealing the original decision that was made, the best party to seek more information from would be Sedgwick Claims Management, Inc. They can be reached at the number Kyle provided, (855) 832-1338, and will have the resources to further assist with your claim. When available, I'd recommend connecting with them, in effort to determine where things stand with the appeal. 


Kind regards,

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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