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We placed an order for a Bosch Washer and Dryer that cost over $3,000 on July 10th, to be delivered on July 12th.  We explained numerous times we needed a specific Certificate of Insurance and were assured they would provide it in adequate time for delivery.

FAIL #1 -it did not arrive on time and we needed to reschedule the delivery for July 16th

Rescheduled for July 16th; had a friend at the apartment waiting for the delivery, and upon arrival they determined they were missing a part and needed to come back and we must reschedule.  Asked for the washer and dryer to be left up against the back door - they chose to leave brand new appliances OUTSIDE, in the heat, humidity and rain in NYC (experiencing upwards of 100 degrees for the past few days).


Called Customer Service, again, and sat on the phone for OVER 2 hours; we refuse to accept the appliances that were left outside and wanted new ones.  They charged my card AGAIN for another $3,000 and assured me numerous times they would arrive on July 22nd between 9-11.  That time came and went and at 1pm, got a call that they were running behind and would be there between 4-6pm.

FAIL #2 - my building DOES NOT allow deliveries past 5pm and this was a known fact.


Got my representative on the phone and he assured me that the delivery would be there by 5pm.


FAIL #3 - 5pm came and went and NO DELIVERY


Sat on hold AGAIN waiting to talk to someone and was told "we are very sorry, they wont be making it today, can you reschedule?"  This is after I already took off work, sat home on my BIRTHDAY all day, waiting for a delivery that never showed up.


I now have over $6,000 on my credit card and a promise of a delivery for tomorrow, another day out of work and very little confidence.

Been awaiting an email about what sort of accomodation would be made, and no response all day today.  I am very close to cancelling the order and disputing the charges on my credit card.  Can anyone here help, since all I get is empty promises and no action???