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Customer service/delivery problems re range

I have been an Elite Plus member with Best Buy for many years. I have rental units and buy my most of my appliances from them. I purchased a range on line that was to be delivered on September 29th for one of my tenants. I had an installation and haul away appt through BB set up as well. When the installer came, he would not hook up the range because he said it did not meet requirements, so range was taken away. Instead he told the tenant he needed a range 3 times the cost. I contacted another plumber, a firefighter, and even Best Buy and was told it was fine to install that stove. The installer also told tenant Best Buy would contact me that day. I found out by accident when I visited that tenant days later, I never received a call.


After doing my due diligence, I decided to have that range redelivered, but with no install appt. On line the range showed as “Out for Delivery” therefore it would not allow me to schedule a redelivery. I called BB numerous times between October 1 and the 11th. I was told by BB's customer service there was nothing they could do until it was brought back to warehouse. Are you telling me that XPO did not return the range?? I was connected to warehouse where I was told the same thing. One gentleman from the warehouse even told me he would look into it and call me back. He never did. Finally when I called on the 11th, I was given a number and told to contact XPO directly, since they had the range. I didn’t think it was my job to do that, but I was at the end of my rope, so I did. I called XPO and was told that the range in fact was delivered to BB on October 1. He said he would contact them and straighten it out. He was the only person that actually did anything about my order, and it worked. After many frustrating calls to BB reps that clearly made no effort to help, the range was now ready to be redelivered. I strongly believe that had I not called, I don't think this would ever have been resolved.


I scheduled the delivery for October 15 without installation, but with a haul away of the previous range. BB customer service confirmed this and I assumed everything was fine. On the day of the delivery, I visited the tenant only to find out that old stove was not taken away. Why? Because when I cancelled installation, the delivery guys were not allowed to disconnect the existing range, therefore haul away was cancelled as well. This made sense, but I should have been asked if existing stove was disconnected when I set up the delivery appt with the BB seeing that I cancelled install, but kept haul away. I would not have thought of it, but the rep should have. I would have made sure it was disconnected so they could take it away. Now I have to pay much more than the $20 BB charges for haul away. The worst issue however was not this. When the delivery guys brought up the range, they did not take out the knobs that would have taken all of 10 seconds to do, and one of the knobs broke off. The tenant was told to contact BB and they would send a replacement. I called customer service and was compensated with a gift card for all my troubles from BB, and told to speak with the warehouse and tell them I needed a new knob and they would get one from the manufacturer. I was transferred to the warehouse only to be told that the computer did not show a broken knob. I informed rep it was on the paperwork the tenant signed and if she didn’t see it in the computer, to find the paperwork. She dismissed that suggestion.  I was also told that if they did not have a knob in stock, I would be responsible for ordering and paying for the knob from the manufacturer. I told the rep at the warehouse that BB customer service informed me the warehouse could order from the manufacturer, but  she insisted I was not given accurate information. The warehouse rep told me she would call me back to let me know if they found the knob in stock. It’s been 2 days and no call. I am not surprised.


This has been the worst experience with any appliance store. The lack of effort on everyone’s part is unacceptable. The lack of knowledge between departments is also astonishing. A $75 gift card is not going to compensate for the many hours I spent on the phone, I would rather have good customer service from a company that truly cares about its customers issues. I do not want to be told to call customer service or the warehouse, that is clearly pointless. I want a knob to be delivered to my tenant or myself as soon as possible. I also suggest that customer service and the warehouse folks are trained with better information and know how to follow through with a customer, especially when they say they will. 

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Re: Customer service/delivery problems re range

Hi hpboston,


I can certainly understand you being upset by the described appliance delivery/install experience. I can't agree more that it seems like our representative should have advised you we would not be able to haul-away the old range without an installation appointment as our delivery teams are not allowed to disconnect a gas stove.


It also seems reasonable that we get you a replacement knob if our delivery team broke the knob while delivering the range. What did it end up costing you to pay someone to haul-away this old range? Could you send me a private message with your name, your phone number, your email address, and your order number? To send me a private message click on the private message button to the right of my signature.



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