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Customer Service

I needed to replace my refrigerator and my son convinced me to try Best Buy.  So we went to the San Marcos store and looked at the displays.  We spoke to the sales person about the haul away of my built-in refrigerator.  He was  very informative.

I went home spoke to my husband and purchased the refrigerator on-line and included the cost to haul away the old refrigerator.  In the notes, I advised that the haul away was a built-in.  The delivery and haul away was scheduled for August 26th.

I received 2 phone calls confirming the date and time of delivery.  And the calls mentioned a built-in being hauled away. I was happy.  My husband disconnected the old refrigerator.

On August 26th, my new refrigerator arrived in a timely fashion.  I advised the delivery man that they needed to move the old refrigerator first.  He walked into my house and said he was not moving that.  After, several long and sometimes heated conversations with the delivery man, dispatcher and case manger and "supervisor", They agreed it was a built-in and not a sub-zero as stated by the delivery man.  And the notes in the purchase order did indicate that it was a built-in being hauled away.  Finally, I was told, the wrong team of delivery men were sent to my house.  And the haul away had to be rescheduled.  Nothing else could be done.  So now I have a built-in in my kitchen until Thursday August 29th.  I would be sent a $50 gift card for my inconvenience.


It was Best Buys mistake from start to finish and I will have to wait 3 days.  I understand mistakes but 3 days.  Customer Service.....NOT.  If I get the gift card, I'll give it to my son.  Me shop at Best Buy again.....I won't say NEVER. but that is how I feel because.the old refrigerator is still in my kitchen.  Customer Service, Customer Service, Customer Service!