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Bought a washer/dryer from Best Buy on Sunday, which were scheduled to be delivered the following Tuesday between 2pm-4pm.


4:15pm: Received a call letting me know that the driver was running late and would be at house between 4pm-5pm.


5:55pm: Called Best Buy and after several minutes on hold, was told that the driver was 20 min from my house.


7:00pm: Called Best Buy again and was told that the driver arrived at my house at 6pm, but that no one was home.


Keep in mind, I took the day off of work to accept this delivery and was home all day. Not to mention, I have cameras at the front of my house proving the drivers never came.


Best Buy's solution was to reschedule the delivery. They could not guarantee when the delivery would be made, but it would be no sooner than two days.  Here are my issues with that:

  • I LOST MONEY! Not only did I miss a day's pay for a delivery that was never fulfilled, but now Best Buy expects me to miss another day when they attempt to deliver again.
  • What is Best Buys service-level agreement with the delivery company? A billion-dollar company shouldn't have a single point of failure. If deliveries cannot be fulfilled or made on time, what recourse does the customer have? How is Best Buy ensuring customer satisfaction?
  • Customers that were wronged should receive priority. The missed delivery was clearly not my fault. Therefore, I should be the first customer on the following day's deliveries -- even if that means making my order a single special delivery.

I understand that mistakes are made and deliveries are missed, but Best Buy failing to take ownership and failing to ensure a frequent customer was satisfied was very disappointing. To Best Buy, I am only one customer, but my time means something to me and to my family.  Best Buy shouldn't automatically assume I will reschedule with them when their competitors are offering the SAME product, for the SAME price with the SAME delivery date.


Going forward,  I'll be taking my business elsewhere.  I'll use Best Buy stores to see items in-person, but will purchase elsewhere.  There are way too many options available to have to deal with a broken system that is inconsiderate of customer's time.

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Hi there, kevmac,

First and foremost, welcome to the Best Buy Forums and thank you for taking the time to write in to us.

Getting a new washing machine and dryer should be an exciting time and an effortless process. We never intend for any of our appointments to be rescheduled, as we know that taking time off from work is part of the process to get a new appliance. We are sad to hear that this has happened to you and apologize about any inconvenience this has caused you. Fur further assistance with this, please contact the Geek Squad Client Care team at (800) 304-1259, as they are specialized to help with appliance delivery concerns, such as yours.

We certainly hope that you give us the opportunity to better serve you in the future, as I'm confident that we can!

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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