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Buy’s Best total incompetence to perform a simple oven cabinet measurement !

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Last weekend went to the local Buford Ga Best Buy store. We needed to purchase a new Double Convention Oven for the house to replace the existing unit. Sales staff where knowledgeable and helpful too. The staff advised that it would be best to have Best Buy technicians out to the site to measure the cabinet dimensions initially to ensure the oven we picked would fit correctly. Sound sensible and appropriate. The sales staff made the arrangements that a technician would come out on 04/30/19 between 8am-12noon. Sounds simple enough right ! The morning arrives and I take time off to allow them access. 1. 10am rolls round and no tech. I decided to call them. Young lady answers the call and advises “ not a problem” . Tech is due to arrive at 10:41am. Still inside the window and I am on the schedule. 2. 10:50am rolls around . No tech. Decided to call again. This time the rep advised tech is enroute already with 11:00am arrival time.. Still inside the window. Advised will continue to wait. 3. 11:00am rolls around. No tech. 11:15am, 11:30am 11:45am . No tech. 4. The window is about to close. Called again. Rep advised tech is enroute with 12:05pm arrival. They even sent a text to confirm which I still have.l. I figured it is just outside window will wait. I have already waited and wasted 4hrs of my time for these idiots. 5. 12:15pm, 12:30pm, 12:45pm 01:00pm .No tech. At this point I have wasted almost 5hrs of my time. I had to now leave for other commitments. 6. Eventually get a phone call along with yet another worst-less text advising the tech will arrive at 01:40pm. I still have that text too . After almost 6hrs of wasted time I had naturally left...customers have lives too... Rep Randia M called to advised tech has arrived at 01:37pm.... I asked to speak to a supervisor Chris R. Why he is not willing to take full ownership of the Best Buy failure is totally beyond me . Chris advises he can reschedule for Fri 05/03/19 8-12 window again .. that is the same situation we had today and not acceptable. More wasted time !!! I asked for a specific time .. Chris was totally incompetent at handling the Best Buy failure. Evidently Best Buy failed miserably and offering a window was not going to cut it for the reschedule. A more aggressive stance was necessary. I asked to speak to Chris R manager. Chris outright refused to provide that information to me... even suggesting that I could complain to the corporate office. Not the greatest management technique by far ... in fact outright worstless supervisory skills. 7. Arguing with the customer when the failure outright lyes on the Best Buy side is ridiculous. Chris made no effort to even try and make sure a tech would arrive on Fridays so called 4hr window ... just he will get there sometime ! Pure customer abuse !!! 8. I cut off the call with Chris ... total waste of time talking to a so called supervisor who has no idea of the concept of his roll in a company, that is solely based on “customer service” 9. Later I called the Best Buy Complaints line. I spoke to R.J. He actually seemed to get it and took the details of my complaint/reasoning and filed #

{removed per forum guidelines}. After this he advised he would transfer me over to Dakota J :Geek Squad Flying Service . Dakota took down additional details and confirmed the 050319 8-12 window . Dakota went the extra steps and advised that the tech would arrive around 0900am after he checked the scheduling for that day. Why the incompetent managers before did not try this defeats me ! The end result of all this is that the sales staff in the stores and higher complaint organization seem to try to achieve the goal of “customer service” that your business is based upon .... just to be let down by failures of delivery and specifically the supervisory department over them ... the weak link. The simple act of picking up a phone and calling a customer to advise directly that an appointment window will be missed seems completely beyond your supervisors in your delivery/service department. This inability and complete lack of customer care and abuse will lose you business. Maybe the senior management need to explain this simple concept to them. I hope someone in higher management has the gumption to actually reply back to me and not just allow such incompetence by one section of the company stand....But remember if you would not accept the above as the service level you would accept for yourself not expect customers too either. DO NOT ABUSE CUSTOMERS ! They will walk away Chris R. Thank you

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Re: Buy’s Best total incompetence to perform a simple oven cabinet measurement !

Hello, S_Naran,


Welcome and thank you for posting on the forums!


I truly appreciate you being a loyal customer and choosing us to purchase your new double convection oven. Home tech visits are meant to go smoothly and professionally, and most of all timely. I was a bit discouraged when I read about your experience. This is not the experience we want for you, and I am here to help where I can.


Please, send me a private message by using the blue button in my signature below this post with some more details. Send me your full name, phone number, and e-mail connected to your account. I look forward to hearing from you.



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