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Botched Order and Delivery

It was time to get a new washer and dryer after almost 15 years. We bought the last pair from BB. We did our research and settled on another LG pair. Proceeded to order online but when I went to check out, the order could not be completed because one of the items is not available. It turned out that the dryer was not available. I proceeded to order the washer, schedule a delivery day with an 7 to 1 time frame. I ordered the dryer form a different retailer with a delivery within 4 days at a lower cost. Obviously I have to take a day off from work to accept delivery and install. The evening before the delivery day, I received an email and voice mail stating your delivery is tomorrow with a time frame of 11 to 1. On delivery day, right at 1 o'clock, the end time of my delivery time frame, I receive a voice mail stating the delivery must be rescheduled. I call back and the gentleman confirm that I need to reschedule. I ask for the reason, he has to check with someone and gets back to me saying that they do NOT have the washer in stock. I questioned why would BB call me at the last minute of my scheduled delivery day/time to let me know the washer is not available, the answer is am sorry. Needless to say I was beyond upset. No washer, had to take a vacation day for nothing and now I need to wait or go elsewhere to purchase the washer. I canceled the order from BB and ordered the washer from the same retailer that had the dryer in stock. Washer is in stock and will be here within the week. What is most upsetting is NO ONE from customer service (management or supervisor) reached out to apologize or be sympathetic. I am in the service industry and I know what it takes to make things right. I do a lot of purchasing from BB and have been an Elite Plus for years; no longer. I have resigned myself to purchased ANYTHING from BB due to the fact that the customer service did not realize how unacceptable the experience turned out to be and did not come forth with ANY resolution.

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Re: Botched Order and Delivery

Hello, bgmedawar,


Thanks for connecting here on the Best Buy Forums. Welcome to this awesome community! Please feel free to take some time to explore all of the content that we have to offer here.


Purchasing a washer and dryer is certainly a large purchase, so I would want my delivery to go smoothly as well. You have my sincerest apologies, as it seems like that wasn’t the case here.


While I cannot promise any specific outcome, you are welcome to give our dedicated Geek Squad Client Care team a call at (800) 304-1259. This team specializes in instances such as this, and they are equipped with all of the tools necessary to assist here.



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