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BestBuy Process and customer service complaint

I would to like file a complaint with the corporate office in regards to a LG microwave I purchased on Jan 19, 2019 over the phone. I purchased the microwave half with a giftcard and the other half by my bestbuy credit card and it was slated to be delivered on Jan 25, 2019 (1st available date). Knowing this I took time off to be able to receieve the order. I receieved the all my confirmations that the order would be delivered on the 25th as expected from the night before call. Come the morning of the 25th I receieved an email saying my order was reschedule thus making me waste a day off from work.


My rescheduled day was March 7th. I tried to call to get an explanation. 1st call the guy said he created a case for me and someone would call to help me with a resolution. I confirmed the case number multiple times with the 1st rep. Immediantely after getting off that call, I called back to confirm with someone else that the case number was a valid case. They said the case was not and they told me that would create another case for me. During that call while being on hold the rep hung up on me. I called back a 3rd time to try and finally get an actual case and the 3rd rep told me there was actually not they could do for me because my order was not cancelled just put on hold.


I finally went in the store to try to get someone to help me that could not just run from my questions. They were helpful but they told me that they could do much becuase the instore system was different than the web\phone system. The store rep went through the same frustration that I had gone through trying to get a hold of someone who could help me. This ended up being a dead end. The store rep did teh best they could but I left with no hope for any compensation for my lost day of work and still no valid answer to what my next steps were but to wait.


Fast forward a little over a month later and the week of my rescheduled delivery was suppose to occur, I received another email saying my delivery was rescheduled yet again for April 26, 2019. I called back to try to change my order for a microwave that was in stock but found out that i would be yet again inconvienced and would have to pay another $100 to cover the gift card that i no longer had (since the order was placed in Jan and confirmed to be delivered in Jan the gift card was empty). I have to wait 10 - 15 days to recieve a new card. So yet again I decided to wait to minimize inconviencing me further.


That was yet again a fail. On 3/7/2019 my order was finally cancelled by email. I called customer support to make sure that they know to reissue me a gift card as I didn't have the original one anymore. The rep said that she would be giving me a $25 dollar gift card to someone what say sorry. I called back 2 hours later to confirm everything the previous rep said and thats when I was told i would only recieve a gift card once a made another purchase. I dont understand how you can hold something that you are using to apologize for how bad the business process is to 

  1. Allow someone to buy something you dont have
  2. Lack of communication to the custumer
  3. Charge me interest on something I havent even received
  4. Make the customer wait 10 - 15 days for a reissued giftcard when you sell ecards (that are almost instant)
  5. Only compensate me for my trouble only if i buy something else and not before

To me this is just bad business. Especially for someone who has been an elite memeber for almost a decade now. There are so many different choices of places to buy from like frys, amazon, p.c. richard & son, etc and yet the person remains loyal to bestbuy but yet you treat their buying experience like a number with a dollar sign and try to get the most out of each interaction instead trying to keep their business.  

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Re: BestBuy Process and customer service complaint

Good Evening,


I want to turn this experience around for you and see what we can do in regards to whole situation. I can understand that this did not go the way you envisioned it and I want to fix this for you.


To move forward with assisting you I would need some information to investigate your issues. Please send us your full name, phone number, and email address in a private message. This can be done by clicking on the private message button after my signature.  


Hope to hear from you soon 😊

Tracy|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: BestBuy Process and customer service complaint

Tracy can you please supply me with steps I need to take to file a complaint with bestbuy. It has been well over a month since my original post and I am no closer to a resolution that doesn't involve a complaint. I got one message from another member of your team to which i responded to the next day. Since my repsonse, it has been all most 3 weeks and i have still not gotten a response. At this point in time it just feels like i will continue to get the same run around i got dealing with the incident i metioned on my original post and i just dont think i have the patience to feel like i am an irrvelant costumer anymore.