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Best Buy Install nightmare

On Sept 24th, 2019 I ordered an LG electric dryer from best buy with professional delivery service.  Three days later, my dryer had been delivered and what appered to be installed correctly.  After actually using the machine the dry my clothes, I noticed that they have not been drying properly.  I then troubleshooted this by clearing all venting and hoses to ensure it was not the problem.  While doing so I touced the metal vent and received an electric shock.  This seemed odd to me.  I then moved the machine from against my wall in order to remove the rest of the vent in order to clean it.  While moving the machine, I observed an arc type spark come from the side of the machine when it touched the metal side of my washing machine.  I immediately unplugged the machine.  I then had an electrician inspect the electrical wiring of my home and found not faults with either plugs designated for the dryer(220v) or washer(115v).  I called Best Buy and told them my issue.  They immediately said it was not their fault and that the machine was currently still covered under the 1 years manufacturers warranty and they transferred me to LG.  LG then assigned a thrid party technician to inspect the machine.  Come to find out after calling this third party on day they were supposed to show up, they tell me they no longer service LG products on third party.  I called Best Buy again and they then scheduled a geek squad technician to handle this matter.  Again, the day of their supposed arrival, I call BestBuy only to find out that this appointment was cancelled by someone at Bestbuy because of the "1 Year Manufactures warranty" of my machine.  Again, transferred to LG who then sent a third party technician to inspect the machine.  Upon their arrival, I was told by their technician that he was not able to inspect the machine due to BESTBUYS FAILURE TO INSTALL THE 220V POWER CORD TO THE MACHINE CORRECTLY! THUS NOT PROVIDING THE CORRECT VOLTAGE TO MY MACHINE AND WIRING THE GROUND CONNECTION WRONG (WHICH IS WHY I RECEIVED AN ARC SPARK WHEN TOUCHING THE WASHER WITH THE DRYER.)  I was then charged by the third party because there was nothing wrong with the machine physically that he could determine at that time.  I then called Best Buy to explain to them the situation and they did not take any blame for the charge that I was given by the third party assigned by LG.  If it was not for Best Buy installing my machine incorrectly I would not have had these charges placed on me by a third party technician assigned by LG.  I have been back and forth with BestBuy for a week now and they keep transferring me to different departments all giving me the same answer. "Its LG's problem".  I was even told to go to the physical store where I bought the machine.  Please help! I am only looking for reimbursement for the charges I received by LG's third party technician.  FYI I do have an extended warranty with Best Buy Geek Squad for this product.

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Re: Best Buy Install nightmare

Hi there, MikeKerr76,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums and thank you for taking the time to write in to us, although we wish the circumstances were different.

Product safety is a big concern not only for Best Buy, but for any consumers as well. We're glad to hear that you are safe, and for taking precautions, such as unplugging the units. Thank you for contacting us with this particular concern, as we never intend for this to happen. We do not take your concerns lightly, and I'd like to see how we may be able to assist. Can you please send me a private message that includes your full name, phone number, email address, and order number? You can send a secure private message by clicking the "Private Message" button below in my signature.

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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