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Best Buy Epic Fail

We really do enjoy working with Best Buy, in the past year we have purchase a refrigerator ($2K) and most recently a built in double oven ($2K). Gaby, our IHA tech, came out and did a great job measuring and helping us to get connected with the order/install team member at Best Buy. Before she left, she had worked with the Best Buy team member completing our order, setting up our delivery, and arranging the install. We received an email that same day confirming our install date of Saturday, July 27th from 8-12.<br><br>I contacted Best Buy’s appointment #, provided in our confirmation email, Saturday morning to confirm the install as I hadn’t received the usual text message reminding me of the install that day. The team member confirmed that the installer would be at our house between 8-12. We continued to wait and at 12:15 I reached back out to Best Buy (same number as before re: appointments) only to receive a recorded message that there would be a 2 hour wait time before I could talk to someone about our scheduled install. I reached out to my local store in Santee and the team there reported that there was no install scheduled for us. I explained I had already confirmed. She provided me a number to reach a Best Buy team member (appointment line) who could research this. I called and spoke with Ken Davis who identified the issue. When our order was placed to install, the order had never been sent by the Best Buy employee to the installer, so there would be no install that day. I explained the urgency of getting this installed as we were preparing to leave for Colorado the following week and in the process of placing our home for sale. Ken reported he would reach out to the installer to see if anything could be done and that it might take up to a half hour but he would call right back. After an hour and a half, I called back as I hadn’t heard anything. The Best Buy employee listened to my issue and then told me that Ken was away from his desk but she would assist me. She found the installer had already responded and that their first available time would be Tuesday. I asked why Ken had not called me back, the Best Buy team member could not tell me.<br>With all this said, we felt this was a very disappointing experience. We are in the process of moving and explained this to Gaby, who was amazing! She is the shining star in this and helped us to schedule everything quickly with the scheduler. It was after this that everything fell apart starting with the scheduler sending me a confirmation email but not sending the info to the installer, next the Best Buy team member that stated she saw the appointment was all scheduled and that the installer would be there, and finally being promised a call back within a 30 minute time frame that never happened. Mistakes happen but somewhere in the system we were dropped and never knew it until it was too late. We received our confirmation, a Best Buy appointment team member verbally confirmed our appointment and then nothing happened. We rescheduled our day to be home from 8-12, then continued to wait another hour and a half for Ken to call us back, which never happened, ultimately we were the ones who lost 6 1/2 hours of time on Saturday and faith in Best Buy.