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Bad from start to finish

I have just had the absolute worst experience with an online purchase, scheduling of delivery, and installation of the product.,

I recently purchased a new Samsung refrigerator and install of the water line, and scheduled my delivery and install during the purchase process. I made the purchase when I did from you based largely on the available delivery and install date, as I would not have had to take any time off of work to accommodate it.

A couple of days after I purchased and scheduled the delivery and install, I received an automated call asking me to call and schedule my delivery. I did, and was informed that the online scheduling just doesn't work, at all, and I shouldn't have been led to rely on it. On that call, I schedule my delivery and installation, now on separate days, which was going to cost me at least 5 hours of missed work, compared to the zero I scheduled during the purchase.

I continued to receive calls during the next week urging me to call and schedule my delivery and installs. I called and was assured that everything was scheduled and I shouldn't have been receiving those calls.

My delivery was scheduled for 11 October between 8am and noon, with install of the water line on 14 October. I received one phone call that morning, at roughly 9:45, which I screened with a google message asking for the caller's name, as I get a great deal of spam and harassing calls from local phone numbers. The caller did not answer the screening question, leave a message, or call back.

Once the 8-12 delivery window had passed, I called Geek Squad support to ask the status. I was told that the driver of the truck could not be reached, but they left a message with him and he would contact me as soon as he received it. This whole time, when I looked at the status of my delivery online, I was given the name of the driver, told he had my refrigerator on his truck, and was out for delivery within the window. The driver never contacted me.

So at 1:30, I called Geek Squad again. Again they tried to contact the driver, but this time they kept me on the line. After several tries and not being able to contact him, they called the store directly. When they did, they figured out why they couldn't contact him, he was on vacation, and clearly wasn't out with my delivery at all. The team that was had called me that one time at 9:45, and not again, to inform me that THE STORE NEVER HAD MY REFRIGERATOR IN STOCK IN THE FIRST PLACE.

I missed that entire day of work, and in the end had to reschedule my delivery and install.

The actual delivery took place on the 18th and was done within the window without a problem. The water installation was the following Monday, and is an even bigger problem than the delivery schedule. The brief description is that the "plumbers" didn't seem to know what they were doing at all, and TAPPED MY HYDRONIC BASEBOARD HEAT SYSTEM (not potable water) rather than a useable water line. THIS IS GOING TO REQUIRE ME TO HIRE AN ACTUAL PLUMBER/HVAC EXPERT, AT GREAT EXPENSE, TO DRAIN MY ENTIRE BOILER SYSTEM, REPLACE A SECTION OF PIPE, AND FILL THE SYSTEM BACK UP. I'm very tempted to require that the refrigerator be replaced as I do not know what kind of chemicals are in the boiler system. They are frequently treated with chromate which is toxic.
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Re: Bad from start to finish

Hello, tonerrg.

With every purchase, or interaction with our customers, we strive to ensure that every task is completed to their satisfaction. So, it is very unsettling that you are going through this experience. To help with  a resolution, we’ve recently established a dedicated support team that is equipped with all the tools necessary to assist you. We would encourage you to contact them at (800) 304-1259 where they are ready to help with obtaining a resolution. They are readily available from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. CT, seven days a week for your convenience.


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