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Purchased dishwasher and washing machine on Monday, was supposed to be delievered between 12-4pm on Thursday 9/5/19.  I called the day before to confirm and to ask to please come before 3pm.


The installer tech called the number on the order which was my husbands.  In this case mine also should have been added, that was on the person that set up the intall at Best Buy.  I was receiving texts about the install and I paid for the appliances but my phone was not on the install order.  


The installer tech called my husband 5-6 times in a row when he was in a meeting at work.  Meanwhile, I am here at the house, rearranged my work schedule so I could be here.  This was around 11:15am.  The man left a very rude voicemail on my husbands phone.  He then left a note outside my house and left.  Around 11:30am.  Again, our install was from 12-4 anyway.  He did not knock on the door.  I have cameras on my porch and he did not knock.  I then called him about 30 minutes later when I saw this note outside my door on my mail box.  He was EXTREMELY rude to me, yelling at me, telling me this was my fault, that he was already in Duncanville and he wasn't coming back up there, and I need to call Best Buy, then he hung up.  VERY unprofessional, I have never been treated like that in my life with customer service!


I never complain like this but I thought it was necessary for Best Buy and the 3rd party install company to maybe sit down and have a chat about customer service and about better communication with customers.


Now we have to wait another 5 days to recieve our dishwasher and washing machine, not happy about this.


Thank you- Cara {removed per forum guidelines}

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Hi Cara,


No person representing Best Buy should be anything but completely professional when interacting with one of our customers, and I am sorry if this was the case for you. It certainly does seem like this installer could have at least knocked on your door, and I'm not sure why your phone number was not on this installer's work order. If this was me I would also not be happy if I had to wait an additional five days to get my new dishwasher/washer.


Do you need anything specific from me at this point?



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