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To whom it may concern:

    I purchased 4 major appliances from Best Buy in Hartsdale New York on November 23rd, 2018.  I am extremely disappointed at the service I am receiving especially for such a large purchase.  I have been extremely patience up until this point but, every time I speak to someone about the delivery date it keeps getting pushed back.  When I was suppose to have the dishwasher delivered with the rest of my appliances on December 22nd  I was only notified 10 minutes prior to the delivery that it was on backorder again.  I had already rearranged my kitchen floors being installed to accommodate the Best Buy delivery, rearranged my work schedule and I hosted Christmas Eve with no dishwasher and wires exposed due to no dishwasher being in place.   During the delivery my refrigerator was damaged with a dent on the outside draw on top of everything.  I have not even been notified on when a new refrigerator is coming.  I realized that my stovetop had a small scratch after the men had left my home, which at this point I will deal with because I cannot take more stress. I have young children and work full time and this all is very inconvenient.  I was told to go into the store to sort things out at first, I was there for over an hour and a half and I was dissatisfied there as well.  At the store I was there with my husband and two young children and at the store the solution they gave me was to tell me after an hour that the higher ups in Best Buy will contact me via phone.  (on a side note, when I was there I was again tolerance and polite and another customer who was not so quiet and polite that came in after me who was more assertive had his issues taken care of while I was asked to wait while they took care of him).   As of my last conversation with Best Buy my next delivery date for the dishwasher is now set for February 2nd!  I am extremely disappointed in the way everything has been handled from such a large corporation from day one of my purchase.  I had my appliances picked out within 15-20 minutes and it took close to 3 hours to check out.  I was apologizing more to the employees at Best Buy then they were to me because I knew it was a busy time of the year.  Also, for more background, there was no one in front of me on line and I had about 7 employees trying to figure out how to set up the purchase and delivery, I thought it would be pretty straight forward being I ordered one of the deals in the Best Buy flyer.  When I was online the delivery date changed at least 3 times. 

In conclusion, I am still without a dishwasher and have been left with other damaged appliances.  It is disheartening I was never even offered an option to get another upgraded model dishwasher or compensated in exchange for this disarray.

I want you to be aware of my frustrations with the Best Buy Corporation


Please feel free to contact me with any clarification regarding this letter.


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Re: Appliances

Sorry you are dealing with this problem. I wish that I would have read your post before I bought my dishwasher fro Best Buy.
My dishwasher didn't arrive twice after waiting for them for 4 hours each time. It wasn't the fault of the installer either. It wasn't in the warehouse for the installer to pick up. Well they got my money ( and interest) for 6 weeks. Today I canceled my order. Hope I get my money back quickly so I can buy elsewhere! Buyer beware!!