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Appliance delivery and installation failed twice at great expense to me with no recompense

Dear Best Buy Cooperate Office:                                                       October 25, 2019



I recently had a bad experience with Best Buy that cost me time and money and I would like to make an appeal for restitution and at the least, let you know so that you can fix the problem and continue to be a viable business. Please consider my story.


I live in Michigan; I am working on getting my house in Wisconsin ready to sell.


June 5, 2019:  I ordered a dishwasher and wall oven (Order # 119156156107) from the Best Buy store in Onalaska, Wisconsin .

July 24, 2019:  The dishwasher was delivered and installed as promised. The delivery and installation personnel was professional and the service was great. This is what I expect of Best Buy.


August 1, 2019: I had an appointment for the delivery and installation of the wall oven.  I was phoned in the morning by the delivery man who told me that it was not at the warehouse.  He gave me the "Escalation number".  I spoke to a man there (D........)  I told him my situation, that I drove to Wisconsin to receive the delivery and installation.  I told him that I wanted someone to personally confirm that the item is in the warehouse before I make another appointment to drive the 500 miles one way from Detroit.  He said he would personally check on it and make it happen.  He said that he would contact me.

   The next day, the "personalized" contact I received  was a text.  A new appointment had been made for me, and I had to call to reschedule if the appointment was not good for me.  This is not good customer service. I had just told the customer service man I needed to know for certain that the oven was in the warehouse, then I would check my schedule to see when I could take off from work again to make the drive to Wisconsin. I am certain I made this clear and he said he would do it.   All I got was a text and a computer generated new appointment date.


   It gets better.  I called to reschedule for a day in September, the next chance I would have to travel to Wisconsin.   When I rescheduled, the woman on the phone confirmed the appointment for "the delivery".   I happened to mention that they would be taking away the old oven.  She said the computer only indicated that the last Aug 1 appt had been only a delivery appointment.  I said it was also an installation. So, even if the oven had been present for the Aug 1 date, the delivery man would have shown up with the oven and I would have then discovered that the installation was not going to happen that day.  I still would have had to schedule an installation and make another trip to Wisconsin  to make that happen! 

     The woman on the phone  scheduled an acceptable Delivery appointment on Sept 23 and installation on Sept 25.

September 23 : I travelled again the 500 miles from Detroit to Sparta, Wisconsin .  I really thought that after over three months of purchase, the oven would be there and that this was going to happen Sept 23 and 25. Just to be sure, I called the escalation number again the week before I drove to Wisconsin to confirm that the item was in the warehouse. I was told that it was there.  She told me that it looked like I was the first delivery on the 24th, so sort of be ready at 0800.  I checked online and all seemed in order.

  I waited till 1245 on Sept 23, then I called and was told that the delivery man  showed up at the warehouse and it was not there.  The delivery man (K...) did not, and should have, called me when he discovered it was not going to be delivered on that day.  I waited around all morning unnecessarily.  This is not good customer service.      I spoke to the "escalation" personnel again and told them what had happened. I told them that I could not reschedule just then, that I would have to wait till I get back to Michigan to see when I could do it.


   The salesman at the Onalaska Best Buy store called, left a message and email. He said that the item had come to the warehouse damaged and that was the problem. While I doubt that that was nothing but an attempt at a rationalization for the second failed delivery and installation, the main point is that I needed to be informed of the problem, before I hit the road to Wisconsin, so I could have avoided a second unproductive, 1000 mile round trip.


   I went to a local Best Buy in  Michigan. The young salesman was very professional and understanding. I appreciated that. I had decided to cancel the order and get a refund. He told me that he could do that, and that the $100. gift card that had been part of the Memorial Day sale that had incited me to make the purchases in the first place, would be reduced by (I forget the amount he said, but about 65%, commensurate with the wall oven's cost/the total cost.) I appealed to him that, while any compensation for two trips to Wisconsin (~2000 miles total) and the time I took off to make this happen was not being granted to make me feel better about this double blunder by Best Buy, was there any way he could just leave the gift card alone. He said it was just how the computer was going to handle it and there was nothing the local store could do.

   (I mean, I was unhappy, but understanding, the first date that the oven was not delivered and installed, but after all the proactive attempts I made to assure that the second appointment would be productive...and then have it be a waste of my money and time...this is unacceptable).


   I cancelled the order, but had him hold off with the refund. I called my salesman made the appeal to him. He said there was nothing he could do either. I told him to refund my money then and I would shop again next Summer.


   It gets better yet. I received my receipt in my email. The oven was $1599 which I put on a new Best Buy Citi VISA card, which I paid off with cash from my bank. Imagine my dismay when I saw the receipt and the total for the "refund" was 1533.60 instead of 1599.99. I understand that the $100 gift card was to be reduced by ~66% after the cancellation of the wall oven. I would expect  the gift card would be reduced to ~$33.


I paid 1599.99 cash when I paid off the credit card;  I expect 1599.99 cash back, and a gift card with ~$33. left on it. I do not expect 1533.60, and a gift card with $100. on it....which I have to spend at Best Buy .


I think this  is wrong.  I like Best Buy; my smart phone, my last three laptops, my last three televisions, my Geek Squad membership, plus misc everything else...are from Best Buy...but  I think this is bad business practice. It is good for Best Buy, but it is not a refund.


    I made two, 1000 mile round trips from Detroit to Wisconsin.

    Best Buy failed two times to perform their part of the financial contract made with me.

    When I cancelled and wanted a refund, $66. of a $100 gift card was taken away.

    Also, I discovered that the $200. reward that was put on the Best Buy Citi VISA that I applied for as a part of the Memorial Day Sale incentive for purchasing two appliances was reduced to $100. I asked , what if I had already spent the $200 reward on the credit card; the answer was it would be a $100. reward debit on the card.


   I would like to know what you are going to do to make retribution for this injustice and keep me as a customer and a citizen who speaks well of Best Buy?    It seems the computer is set up to follow store policy   I am reaching out to the cooperate level and a human who can do something to make me feel better about this.


    Compensation for two thousand miles of gas money, four or five days off from work, wear on the car...

    that would be fare.


    I would at least expect you to reinstate the $300. "rewards" given for purchasing two appliances

    and taking out a Best Buy Credit Card, a reason I decided to do the deal.


   So, how are you going to make retribution for failing to follow through on your part of the contract?




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Re: Appliance delivery and installation failed twice at great expense to me with no recompense

Hello, towndb, 

Thanks for taking the time to create an account and reach out here on the Best Buy Forums. Welcome to this great, public community. 

First, this certainly doesn’t sound consistent with the service we aim to provide here at Best Buy. We want all of our service visits to go smoothly, so you have my sincerest apologies that this hasn’t been the case here. 

For instances such as this, we have a dedicated Geek Squad Client Care team in place. This team specializes in these issues, and they are equipped with all of the tools necessary to assist here. Please call (800) 304-1259 any time between 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. CT, seven days a week. 

Regarding your request for compensation, it is not Best Buy’s policy to compensate customers for travel expenses, lost wages, or time. We would recommend seeing what options may be available when you connect with the Geek Squad Client Care team, but we would be unable to promise any specific outcome. 


Quinton|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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