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Absolutely unbelievable

On October 30th, I ordered a Samsung FlexDry electric dryer from the Best Buy website. The earliest available delivery date was Tuesday, November 5. I thought that was quite a long wait for a dryer, but I assumed that your team was very busy or that the dryer was in high demand and out of stock, and I accepted the delivery date.

But it turns out that every single person I have interacted with since the moment I placed the order has been monumentally incompetent.

Your crew showed up on November 5, unboxed the dryer, and informed me that the dryer was severely damaged, and indeed, it was: it looked like it had fallen out of a cargo airplane flying at cruising altitude. It could not be installed. I called your Customer Service number, and the representative initially tried to offer me a delivery date 4-5 days later. When I complained about how ridiculous that was, she begrudgingly agreed to schedule delivery and installation for today -- November 7.

But wait, the story gets better. Your crew showed up today and told me that they had nothing even remotely resembling a dryer on their truck, but that they were just here to haul away my old, non-functioning dryer.

So I called your "Customer Disservice" number again today, and what do you think their response was?

Answer: "The best we can do is to deliver and install the dryer on November 12."

By that time, I will have been without a dryer for nearly 14 days -- one day that I spent shopping for dryers online, and 13 days dealing with incompetent Best Buy employees.

If this experience is typical for all your customers, then I'm going to have my investment advisor short a block of your stock at the market open tomorrow.

This truly has been a demonstration of incompetence that defies understanding or explanation.

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Re: Absolutely unbelievable

Hi there, Warhola!


Thank you for connecting with us here on the Best Buy Forums. Ordering a new appliance should be exciting, and I am sorry to hear that this has not been your experience so far. Perhaps I can help! I am happy to take a look at your order for you to ensure that everything is good to go for tomorrow. For me to do this, can you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address, along with your order number (if you have it)? 



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