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75" LG delivery

I was so upset with their service. i Upgraded my TV to 75", but before buying i went to the store (Apple Valley) and asked if they will haul away my old TV (Mitsubishi Big Screen TV with the special stand made for the TV), they would NOT take the stand. They delivered the TV; but I had to beg them to unpack it and set it on the stand; they finally did, but they left all the packing and said they were not responsible to removing it. That I had to takr care of it. I showed them #5 of there event completion form and they said they don't do that, they were only scheduled for 13 minutes for my delivery????I have a big mess in my house. If I had been younger (75 now) it would not have been a big deal. But I will probably get a letter from the property manager about all this trash.