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$75 gift card is NOT A REFUND OR DISCOUNT

Hi, you delivered a dented dryer to one of my rental units.  Unfortunately, I could not wait for a new dryer to be delivered given tenants are moving into the unit in just a few days.  So, Best Buy offers me a "discount" in the form of a gift card? This is absolutely ridiculous.  A gift card, and being forced to shop with Best Buy, is not a discount but a barely-disguised ploy to get me to spend even more money at a company that I hate supporting.  Without fail, I have issues with Best Buy every single time I forget your terrible your customer service is and buy from you again.  At this point, I should have just ordered a cheaper, out of the box dryer - the money I would have saved would have gone into my pocket, not yours. Shame on you Best Buy for these deceptive consumer practices.  

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Re: $75 gift card is NOT A REFUND OR DISCOUNT

I’m sorry that you received a damaged unit, anyone who works with appliances knows that it happens. I am also sorry that you did not like the gift card offer to compensate for the dent, many of our customers find it satisfies keeping a blemished unit. With that said, I fail to see how it would have been a deceptive practice since 1. We have no way to know if a unit has cosmetic damage until it is opened, opening a unit at the store to check just increases the likelihood of being damaged in transit to you 2. You could have exchanged the unit for one that is not damaged. 3. You could have returned it for a full refund. I understand that you were in a timetable crunch, but these are the options that we were able to provide.
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