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4 months trying to install my radio and it's worse then when l took it in.

Based on a recommendation from a friend, l decided to have the Geek Squad install my radion, remote start and back-up camera.  Now the only thing that works after redering my vehicle at least 4 times, the only thing that works is the back-up camera.


On February 16th was my first appointment to install, a Kendwood Stereo, remote start and back up camera.  When l got to the store for the installation, l was told that l did not have all the parts needed for the install and gave me a new installation date of March 6th.  When l showed up on March 6th with all parts needed, l left my truck for a couple of days for installation.  After Neil installed all parts, l notice that the stereo was not doing what it was suppose to do.  i.e., does not recognize ANY cell phone.  My speedometer starts at 10 MPH when I am idle.  The auto play does not work and l cannot receive any text messages thru my phones and any calls that comes into my phone locks up the display.  Went back on March 15th where Neil said he would look at my stereo to see what he could do. He was able to fix the display lock up but said l need to come back another day for a full inspection of what is wrong with the stereo as we tested floor models that worked correctly.  Neil then rescheduled for April 14th which l had to rent a car so he could work on my vehicle again.  After this last trip after Neil gave me back my truck.  The stereo still does not work.  My remote start does not work at all.  I get a constant error that my door is open and my speedometer is 10 mph at idle and my back up light is on constantly.  Neil believes it is a defective stereo.  Because all the time has expired, my only recourse is for the stereo to be taken out of the device, sent to Kenwood for service and put the manufactured stereo back in.  This is very unprofessional and when l ask when can he get this fixed, he said he will have to look at his calendar which might put me back more time and now l believe my truck is a hazard on the road.  While drive, and l have to stop at a light, l get an error to "Shift to Park".  I need to have this resolved ASAP as to every time l give him my vehicle, l am out of a vehicle 2 days.


I would like another store to asses whats going on with my stereo and remote start.  Because of all my inconvenience, l would like someone to swap or fix my stereo in my truck and not have it shipped to Kenwood which might take a long time.  I also want my speedometer to get set BACK to 0 mph when l am not driving the vehicle



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Re: 4 months trying to install my radio and it's worse then when l took it in.

Good afternoon, dallaschicago12, 

Welcome to the forum and thank you for connecting with us. I truly wish you had found us under better circumstances. Upgrading multiple aspects on car, including your stereo, remote start, and back-up camera, should be an exciting and smooth process that instills you with confidence in the work performed. I'm glad you chose us for these installs, though I wish your experience had been superior to what you've described.


After multiple return trips to the same store without the issues being resolved, I can certainly understand why you're reaching out to us for assistance. Furthermore, why you're looking to have the installation overlooked by another installation bay. Our Lifetime Labor Warranty should allow this to happen and I'm hoping to work with you to gather the information necessary to get the ball rolling in the right direction for you. Please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right corner of the page for my private message. 



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Re: 4 months trying to install my radio and it's worse then when l took it in.



The requested information has been supplied.