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2 times reschedule for an instalation of a dishwasher and no istallation has taken place yet.

I bought a dishwasher with installation and haul away of the old one. Originally, it was scheduled for 7/10. On the date of the appointment, no one showed up to deliver the new appliance or to install it. 

No one called to reschedule either. I only received a text at 9 PM on 7/10 indicating that I have been rescheduled for 7/13. I called the number on the text message and the lady on the line confirmed that the delivery, installation and haul away of the old dishwasher for 7/13 and there was nothing to worry about.

On 7/13, the dishwasher was delivered in the AM, the delivery team was not the install team so they left, stating that the install team was not far behind.

I reached out again to Best Buy and XPO and at that point, they told me that the installer was not going to show up and now I'm being rescheduled for 7/30, 20 days after the original appointment.

Best Buy and the companies that are responsible for the installation have a tremendous amount of disrespect for their customers and their time. I had to take 2 days of work for this delivery and installation that has not taken place yet.

The most frustrating part is that every person that I have talked to cannot give me an explanation why the installer is not showing up. Also, if the appointment is missed due to Best Buy or its installation company, they do not put you on a priority list.    

It is utterly frustrating. What will be the solution now?  Should I take a third day off at work with the risk that the installer doesn’t show up and being rescheduled again?

Most definitely after this experience, I will be more careful where I buy my appliances from. 

I am a very discontent customer.