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Dell 1525

I purchased a Dell 1525 laptop several weeks ago.  I'm having trouble shutting the computer down.  When I go through the normal process of shutting down the system (from the start menu), the computer just restarts itself.  I can then repeat the process and the system shuts down.   Any suggestions?
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Re: Dell 1525

Install firewalls and other programs to clean up spyware and make sure you have everything updated. If it continues I suggest you use the backup disc and clean everything up. This shouldn't happen esp to a new computer. This can def be something you downloaded from the internet since a lot of new computers are very fragile and susceptible to viruses in the beginning in my opinion. If you don't want to go through that hasle just call up Dell's tech support and ask if it's under the warrenty and if they can fix it for free.