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Re: any one know when the Alpine SWS-10D4 will be available?


   Man I wish i could just drive out that way and take care of you myself, or have you drive out here to Utah for the instalaltion, BUT i would think that either of those isn't really going to do much good for either of us HAHA!  Before you return the product, lets see if a moderator can't reach out to the store and work something out for you, so that you don't have to return this product that you have been waiting on installing for such a long time.  You will have to sit tight for a little while, but know that a moderator will be by to assist you.  Again i thank you for your patience, wish there was more I could do, but lets see what the moderator or store can do for you. 


Also, i feel awful about your situation, but people do come and go quite often from Best Buy, but for you to not get a phone call letting you know your appoitment wasn't going to happen, should have definately not happened, sorry for that!

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Re: any one know when the Alpine SWS-10D4 will be available?

planned on waiting a week to see if anything happens, this is the third time they have botched an install for me so I have been VERY patient with them but at some point you gotta cut bait.  I have wanted them to be better, I have given them the benefit of the doubt.  just Incredulous right now.

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Re: any one know when the Alpine SWS-10D4 will be available?

Hello again jshaf-


It’s very disappointing to hear about the troubles that you are having getting an installation appointment; I absolutely agree with autotech796 that they shouldn’t have waited so long to cancel your install if they knew they weren’t going to have anyone available.


Right now, it sounds like your best bet may be to set up the appointment at the Greensburg, PA store.  I know that’s not ideal, but based on the information autotech796 provided, it may be some time before Morgantown has enough installers to complete the work you need.  I’ll reach out to the Morgantown store to see if I can get any better information for you and once I have more details, I’ll send you a private message with that information.


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Thanks for your patience!

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