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SiriusXM Onyx Plus with Vehicle Kit

Can best buy install SiriusXM Onyx Plus with Vehicle Kit in a chevy sonic car?
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Re: SiriusXM Onyx Plus with Vehicle Kit

GREAT QUESTION! at any of our best buys we would be able to install that onyx plus into your Sonic! the installation cost would be $79.99.  With that 79.99 it includes us mounting the antenna, connecting the power source to a switched 12+ behind the panels so that you never have a cig socket or power outlet used up to power that unit, and also all of our wires will be hidden with only a few inches that are connected to the dock itself.  there are going to be 2 spots needed to mount that onyx, and the reason why we need 2 is just in case 1 of those spots that you picked doesn't work.  every car even the same car will have a different mounting location for the most part, because lets face it, everyone has their own ways and places to put things, so find 2 places in your sonic that you think you might want them to install it at, and we should be able to make atleast 1 of the 2 work.  The installer will also give his/hers recommendations also before they begin the installation, so if you can't think of a spot do not worry!


There is a part that i would highly recommend, which is called an FM direct adapter.  basically what this part does is create the best clear sound possible for your onyx east coast to west coast.  it will still have to be tuned to a radio station, but don't think of it as a transmitter.  this part will actually go inline with your antenna behind the radio blocking out all of the other frequencies that could interrupt with your signal for your siriusxm, in laymans terms think of it as a personal auxillary without having to plug in and out everytime you want to listen to your xm radio.  the part is only 19.99 and sometimes a little cheaper, but just depends on the week and if it is on sale or not.  For that part to work your vehicle will require 2 antenna adapters.  basically the fm direct has a standard in and an out, and your vehicle has a special connector type.  so we need to go from your radio to the standard, and standard back to your vehicle.  most shops will have these parts in stock, but if you want to give me the exact year of the Sonic, i could be 100 percent on the part number that you would need, below is a quote with a 2012 sonic. 


advanced sat radio installation 79.99

Materials charge 5.00

Fm direct 19.99

Forward antenna adapter 17.99

Reverse antenna adapter 17.99

Cig socket 14.99 (some installers prefer not to use this part, but im putting it on here to show you all the possible charges that could occur during that installation)

TOTAL: 155.95


best of luck! and contact your local store to schedule your installation.  if you have any further questions please do not hesistate!


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